Go Bold With MAC Cosmetics' New Line Of Lippies

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Whether they’re collaborating with celebs such as Ariana Grande and Caitlyn Jenner or creating products all on their own, this brand will forever be your go-to because you can always count on them to deliver. What’s In MAC Cosmetics’ ColourRocker Lipstick collection? Just what you’d expect — your new favorite lippies, of course!

According to Allure, the brand’s rolling out 28 new colors, and you’re going to want to add quite a few of them to your collection. These aren’t your classic lip shades, either. Oh no! There’s a range of purples, greens and blues for your spunky self to love. Each one comes with a matte finish to keep up with the trend. There’s no way you won’t absolutely wow with these lippies slicked across your pout. Does MAC know how to make your wildest dreams come true or what? I mean, a lavender lipstick. Come on. It’s as if they read my mind.

According to a press release, these hues will be available to shop in February for $17 each in stores and online. Mark your calendars and start saving up because it would cost you almost 500 bucks to own this entire line-up, and trust me — you’re going to want to buy them all!

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Yep, Every rainbow hue is here.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

Plus, they're coming in a matte formula you're sure to love. These just keep getting better, don't they?

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

You've never seen lipsticks quite like this before.

Courtesy MAC Cosmetics

This lilac hue might seriously be my fav, although it's nearly impossible to pick just one.

"OMGAH" is right!

Told you these were must-have!

Get a load of that color payoff!

Prepare to sport a totally saturated pout this winter!