The Parks Project Created A Vintage Shop Filled With National Parks Tees Saved From Landfills

Courtesy of Parks Projects

Although there’s a new fashion launch nearly every week, some fashionistas remain true to what’s already in their closets for years to come. Still, people get tired of their wardrobe, but can shop vintage for what's “new” to them, and Parks Project is welcoming customers to its vintage shop filled with nostalgic ‘90s style.

Parks Project is a brand that specializes in upcycling one-of-a-kind vintage park tees from landfills to extend the lifespan of a garment, giving new life to retro pieces. Not to mention, the brand directly funds projects within different parks with each collection drop.

According to a representative of Parks Projects, the brand offers unique vintage pulls once every month.

“For sourcing, we rummage and sort through tons of tees throughout Los Angeles to find the most nostalgic pieces for our vintage shop collection,” the brand told Bustle via email. “We drop a new collection of vintage finds on the third Thursday of every month, and each collection sells out by the next drop. For Earth Month, we decided to do 2 drops to encourage upcycling. Each piece is truly unique and one-of-a-kind and we’re thrilled that our customers have responded so positively to the program.”

The monthly launches are exclusive to the Parks Projects website, and each item is the only one of its kind. To find a nostalgic (and renewed) tee, here are all the best pieces from Parks Project.

Loving Cactus Tee

To Celebrate Earth Day, Parks Projects brings fans The Loving Cactus Tee. Although not part of the vintage shop, the shirt is printed with a graphic of a cactus hugging the planet. Plus, this cute piece comes in sizes XS to XXXL and retails online for $38.

Vintage Cancun Oasis Sleeveless Tank

Not all of the pieces in the vintage shop will fit every frame. The tag size on this tee is a large, however, after being measured against one of Parks Projects' tees, it fits more like a small.

Vintage Niagara Falls Movie Making Tee

This vintage tee is dedicated to Niagara Falls with a dope movie-making film graphic on the front. The tee retails for $38 on line and is closest to a size large.

Vintage San Antonio City Map Tee

Although $60 is hefty for a tee, it's vintage, upcycled, and has the potential to get a lot more wear out of it. Those who rep San Antonio, this tee can be yours, and described as a boxy medium on the online shop.

Vintage Lake Placid Sunset Tee

Cool tees with color can make an outfit complete and this Lake Placid one is a blast from the past. Fans who rock a size large (or smaller if you enjoy an oversized look) can pick this up for $46.

Vintage Dreamy Horses Cropped Fleece

As one of the few cropped pieces in the vintage shop comes this dreamy horses cropped fleece. The Parks Project shirt goes for $48 and fits like a large.

Vintage Serious Vertical Action In Tahoe Fleece Sweatshirt

This Serious Vertical Action in Tahoe sweatshirt is printed with all the bright colors one could dream of in an eye-catching graphic sweatshirt. The cool and casual piece retails for $56 and fits like a size large.

People get creative when learning how to reuse old clothes for new wear. And in the case of this brand, buying nostalgic graphic tees to help improve parks can make vintage fashion seem a whole lot cooler.