This $10 Witchy Lipstick Looks Like It Was Carved From Crystal

Courtesy of Revlon

There's something magical about crystals. They are pretty and cool to look at, and their auras and energies correspond to their colors and properties. Well, Revlon's Crystal Aura Collection is inspired by crystals — specifically the whimsical luminosity and supreme shine that defines them. The entire Crystal Aura Collection looks expensive, decadent, and is essentially the brand's take on witchy glitter. The suite of products is actually really affordable, though, starting at $8.99 and going up to $12.99.

The Crystal Aura Collection is all about that makeup magic, and products and packaging with a twist. The products are sprinkled with actual rose quartz and topaz, which illuminate skin with this gorgeous, iridescent shimmer. You'll look bathed in light.

The cornerstone of the collection is a shimmery lipstick with a gemstone-shaped bullet. It'll only set you back by $10, yet looks like it costs triple the price. Your lips will gleam as though they've been dipped in diamonds and will be instantly Instagrammable with one swipe across your pout.

Another hero product is the liquid eyeshadow that goes on like gloss but dries down to a vinyl finish. There's also hair glitter with a spoolie brush that you apply like mascara to your strands. Because hair deserves makeup, too.

Courtesy of Revlon

If you want to add a little glimmer to other features like cheekbones, brows, Cupid's bow, or décolletage, these are the products for you.

Allow your luminous lips and molten, metallic lids to light the way with the following assortment of products. It'll enhance your inner light.

1. Crystal Aura Liquid Alloy Eyeshadow

It looks like a lip gloss, but it's not. This eye potion dries down softly, comes in four colors, and will lace lids with metallic pigments.

2. Crystal Aura Lipstick

This lippie is lightweight and light-reflecting. But the uniquely shaped bullet makes it look prestige. It's available in two shades.

3. Crystal Aura Glow Gelee

You won't be able to decide which quality you prefer — the pearlescent sheen or the bouncy, jelly-like texture. You can and should dab this glow-getter on any spot in which you desire some eye-catching glimmer. It comes in two shades, one of which is named "Witchery."

4. Crystal Aura Glow Lip Oil

Pamper your pucker with this cushion-y oil. Your pout will glow up. It comes in three color options.

5. Crystal Aura Putty Powder Eye Beam

You can pile on as little or as much of this product as you wish. The Eye Beams practically ask to be dabbed directly on your lids with your fingers and blended out for a wash of ethereal color. If it's a smoky haze you desire, layer on more product and buff it out with your digits. You can choose from four colors.

6. Crystal Aura Crystalized Eye Liner

The metallic liners are offered in four shades and can be smudged for effect. You can also use them to add definition to your lashline and balance out all that soft glow imparted by the other products in this range.

7. Crystal Aura Liquid Gleam Potion

Say "hello" to your newest makeup magic potion and secret weapon. Try adding a drop or two your bare face for some glow action. There's also the option to layer it over or under makeup to look lit from within. You can dose your favorite cream or liquid product with a few drops of this product for additional shimmer and shine.

8. Crystal Aura Crystal Hair Glimmer

This golden 'n' gittery makeup for your hair is packaged like mascara, thanks to the tube and wand component. It's temporary and will rinse out next time you wash.

Revlon's Crystal Aura Collection is makeup alchemy in its finest. From the Glow Gelee to the Putty Powder Eye Beam, your highlight will be so on point you can communicate with the satellites.