Revlon Launched A Collection With Adwoah Aboah To Celebrate Women Empowerment

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The beauty industry has begun to address issues in regard to inclusion and representation, but model and activist Adwoah Aboah is taking strides to address even more issues that relate to women. The Gurls Talk x Revlon collection strives to bring less-talked-about women's issues like mental health and body image to the forefront of the conversation with the use of bold color.

Nowadays, you can’t spend more than a minute or two on Instagram without feeling like everyone is a pro makeup artist, but Aboah is using this collection to prove makeup can be fun for everyone — no matter their expertise.

Aboah is a supermodel and Revlon brand ambassador, but she is also the founder of Gurls Talk, a judgment-free, online platform for young women to share their stories and experiences comfortably. Aboah, who has an Instagram following of over 750,000 people, became a Revlon ambassador in January 2018 and is now using her platform to promote Gurls Talk's message through makeup in this new collaboration.

In an exclusive interview with Bustle, Aboah discussed the purpose of launching a limited edition Revlon x Gurls Talk collection that brings issues like mental health awareness and menstrual and women's health to the forefront of makeup and beauty.

"We really wanted it to be colorful and playful and really young, mirroring the Gurls Talk community," Aboah says. "I wanted to make the makeup line accessible to anyone, whether you know how to put on makeup or whether you don’t, and that’s where I’m coming from in my makeup experience."

Aboah explains that even though she's not a professional makeup artist, she used the medium as a gateway to finding her own individuality.

"I tested and tried on, I suppose, different personalities through makeup. I was able through makeup to find out who I was, and that was by making mistakes and copying people who I really admired, and going to an event and wearing too much eyeliner," Aboah says. "There was a point in my life where I kind of used makeup so I could stand alone and be unique in a certain way."

Based on the unique shades offered in this collection, Aboah wants women to find their own uniqueness through makeup, even if they —like her — aren't self-proclaimed beauty experts.

Courtesy of Revlon

The collection features nail polish, lipstick, eyeshadow putty, and lip gloss. As an added bonus, each product comes with artwork from illustrator Ambivalently Yours. The kits are $14.99 a piece and feature products' with names that each highlight a different social issue. These include things like body positivity, menstrual and women's health, and mental health — all things that Gurls Talk wants to make sure young women are discussing openly.

Not only is the packaging super cute, but the kits were named in an effort to inspire and empower women to confidently bring up such issues in conversation. With names like It’s Okay To Feel (the blue kit), Celebrate Every Piece Of Yourself (the yellow kit), and Dare To Love Yourself (the pink kit), all of the kits are described by the brand as bold conversation staters. When you read the names, it's easy to understand why.

Dare to Love Yourself

Courtesy of Revlon

The Dare To Love Yourself kit features three products in shades of pink and is named to promote conversation surrounding body positivity. The nail polish in this kit is named "Be Your Bae," and the lipstick is named "Yas Girl," so the message of self-love is clear in this kit.

Celebrate Every Piece of Yourself

Courtesy of Revlon

The Celebrate Every Piece of Yourself kit features three products in shades of yellow and, according to the brand, this kit is named to promote conversations about menstrual and women's health. This yellow kit comes with a nail polish named "Go With The Flow" and a lipstick called "My Rights," echoing the main idea behind the kit.

The collection is a for-profit collab and all the kits are available to buy now on And keep it real with yourself, you probably want all three. No one would blame you for it, because because makeup and women's empowerment is never a bad thing.