Rihanna Is Launching $60 Lingerie Subscription Boxes That Come With $160 Worth Product

Praise be to Aunty RiRi! Fans of the Barbados-born singer have been poking her Instagram comments, begging for new music, but she’s still not finished building up her Fenty empire. Rihanna is now launching a Savage X Fenty VIP pack for Xclusive Savage X members. What's even more gag-worthy is that there's a new pack every month.

February or not, one can never have enough lace panties and tiger stripe jammies in their nighty drawer. Rihanna shared the big news on the Savage X Fenty Instagram, decked out in the Savage X lingerie to explain all of the deets.

"Now this is super duper limited in quantity. so if you want in on this you have to become a member because it's VIP member access only," the singer said in the video post.

With some subscription boxes, there might only be a couple things you actually use and keep, but since Rihanna explained that she, and sometimes a special guest, will be handpicking the products, you'll be covered (and probably be begging for more).

Although this is a monthly box, they're only being offered during the start of every month from the first to the fifth. In other words, you need to hop on that Xclusive membership bandwagon quick because in the words of Rihanna "You can't get into VIP without a pass, sis."

Tiger Chiffon Xtra VIP Box

The RiRi curated box comes equipped with a yellow tiger striped chiffon set including a romper and a mid length robe to match. There's also a lace blindfold for your freaky side and a set of sexy ‘Truth or Dare’ collectible dice with messages such as “I like it when you…”, "Lap Dance", and “Body Shots”. These dice could get you into some serious trouble, so blow on them hard if you're hoping to get lucky.

If this box doesn't bring the girls (and the boys) to the yard, then who knows what will because it features exclusive items that will save you a whole lot of dough. The entire box is actually valued at $160, but Xclusive members get $100 shaved off for only $59.95.

In very Fenty-like fashion, Rihanna brought on a viral star to help promote the latest facet of Savage X. Rihanna chose Instagram's most positive performer, Donte Colley, who hits every self-loving mark in all of his impromptu video routines.

Colley serves up probably one of the most extra AF promotional videos known to woman, and it's totally worth a share to your friends at work. In the video, he pops out of the animated subscription box dressed in Savage X's tiger-striped pajama set and boasting this month's products with empowering messages such as "There is nothing wrong with being Xtra", :"You are beautiful!! Don't forget it," and "Be yourself, you are amazing in every possible way."

While some people have their boo thang to share these new goodies with, others are riding solo, and this new Fenty launch is exactly the kind of energy needed to flex about living and loving the single life.