What's In Sigma's Presidents Day 2017 Sale? Have A Brush With Greatness

Purveyor of game-changing brushes and the funnest of squishy sponges, it's not like you ever really need an excuse to shop Sigma brushes — the lip service they get from YouTubers is usually argument enough (I dare you to find a YouTube tutorial that doesn't rely on at least one Sigma brush, they're the linchpin of the operation). That being said, here's one more reason: What's in Sigma's Presidents Day 2017 sale is good — real good, with an assortment of their standalone bestsellers and multiple-piece kits ready for the snatching.

A good brush can absolutely next-level your makeup application, and at 30 percent off on 18 brushes and sets, Sigma drives a hard bargain. The sale ranges from standards like their concealer brush and tapered blending brush to more advanced technique tools, like the brand's tightline liner brush and flat baking kabuki brush.

Prices stretch from $15 for one-offs like said concealer brush, to $219 for the set of fifteen brushes for face, eyes and lips — now a newly affordable $153.30, if you're thinking about getting into the professional makeup game. The time is now! With a two-year warranty on all brushes and cruelty-free guarantee, here are your best bets for instantly leveling up your face game.

E35 Tapered Blending Brush, $17, SigmaBeauty.com

A Sigma bestseller, the E35 Tapered Blending Brush's long bristles and tapered tip make blending a breeze, especially to soften the transition from bold color.

Extreme Color Payoff Kit, $66, SigmaBeauty.com

If you're sick of scratching at shadows to see any pigment at all (looking at you, old drugstore shadow formulas) this set's a way to get the best of them.

F55 Small Duo Fibre Brush, $22, SigmaBeauty.com

Ever look at YouTubers and just think, "How?" More often than not, it's this brush (and great lighting, but still). The blend of fibers and flat top buffs powder, creams and liquid into skin for that signature light, airbrushed finish.

All of the prices above are pre-sale discount, so lop 30 percent off and you're sitting pretty (or applying).

Images: Courtesy of Brand