What's In Starbucks' New Ombré Pink Drink?

by Kaitlyn Wylde

You ombré your hair, you ombré your nails, and now you can ombré your Starbucks drink. I mean, do you even need to know what's in the new Starbucks Ombré Pink Drink? Don't you just already know that you're going to love it and that it needs to be your new spring and summer accessory? Oh yeah, that exists — Starbucks seriously just debuted a new pink drink that's got an oh-so-snap-worthy ombré going on. Color gradients are really all the rage on social media, so this drink is destined to be a big hit — at least in your feed. Dare I say: the drink of the summer is here.

Despite the fact that it honestly wouldn't matter what this drink tasted like because its so freakin' cute, it does taste good. It tastes really flipping good, according to the first people to have tried it. It's fruity, it's creamy, and just a tad tart and earthy — because while it might look like it's all dessert, it's actually made with tea! So feel free to make this your daytime indulgence.

The seriously refreshing spring to summer beverage is a smooth mix of light, fruity Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers, with cool, creamy Coconutmilk and a splash of Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea — and a lime wheel, for a bright burst of hibiscus notes. This combination creates a zippy, filling drink that's perfect for a mid-day refreshment or early morning boost.


And, lucky for you, you don't have to start a stampede out of your office to get your hands on one of these. Unlike their fleeting Unicorn Frapp predecessor, they're not going anywhere. They're around all year, on the official menu. So feel free take take your leisurely time making your way to Starbucks. But, you know, if you were hoping to be one of the first people to get that perfect pink-to-white Instagram shot of the beverage, you might want to rethink that stampede after all. Early bird gets the 'gram. Just sayin'.


Speaking of which, props to Starbucks for taking some totally relevant promo pics of this drink. The subtle millennial pink hues and denim and flannel shirt backgrounds are totally on-point. Starbucks isn't just for the commuter who's running late for work. It's also for the freelancer or the weekender who takes their time with their beverages and stops to smell the roses. Or, in this case, daisies. BRB, going to get an ombre manicure to match my drink.