What's In The ASOS x glaad& Collection? It's Fashion For Unity, Integrity, & Equality

Courtesy of ASOS

There is no shortage of fast fashion collections that allow you to display your Pride during Pride Month — which is June— and beyond. ASOS and GLAAD have created a Pride-themed fashion collection, dubbed "ASOS x glaad&."

It's limited edition, is the sequel to last year's collab, and drops Friday, June 22. The range is available exclusively via the ASOS site.

How is this year's range different? We're glad you asked. For one, it's more varied and more inclusive, featuring 22 items. The product assortment includes apparel and accessories. Therefore, you can deck out your OOTD with Pride touches.

The collection features colors from the rainbow Pride flag, while the ampersand factors prominently into the pieces. These hallmarks symbolize unity, equality, and integrity.

ASOS x glaad& comes in both plus and curve sizing, while prices start as low as $5 and go as high as $87. So it's affordable and accessible inclusivity. Even better, 25 percent of each purchase is donated to GLAAD.

In addition to super cute and message-carrying clothing, the campaign boasts 10 people from the LGBTQ+ community. You'll see 13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman and Matthew Lent aka Pearl from RuPaul's Drag Race.

Ari Fitz, Chella Man, Darius Moreno, Elizabeth De La Piedra, Elizabeth Wirija, Quil Lemons, Raisa Flowers, and Trey Campbell are also featured in the collection's accompanying campaign.

Courtesy of ASOS

Overalls are so '90s. Nostalgia is in style but so is clothing that supports all identities.

Courtesy of ASOS

That ampersand is everything.

Courtesy of ASOS

So many shirts send a message with their text or their graphics. The yellow top is super overt in its messaging, while the ampersand shirt is more subtle but just as effective.

Courtesy of ASOS

Check out that shirt. It's all the colors of the rainbow and so much more.

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Coolest. Fanny. Pack. Ever.

Courtesy of ASOS

Pride is always in style. It's now even more available, thanks to the latest ASOS x GLAAD collection.

Courtesy of ASOS

The collection is inclusive on so many levels. Here are some of the core pieces to shop.

1. The Bucket Hat

Bucket Hat

This is your "go-to" summer topper. It will protect your head, hair, and scalp from the harsh rays of the sun. It will be a stylish addition to any outfit, all the while showing your Pride.

2. The Ampersand Tee

Plus T-Shirt

This tee avails itself of so many styling options. Not only does it add splashes of color to your ensemble. But you can wear it with shorts or tuck it into jeans.

3. The Button Down

Curve Scribble Shirt

This button down says it all — literally. The scribble print design packs quite a punch.

4. The Motto Tee


This tee spreads the ASOS x glaad& message beautifully. It comes to life on the shirt.

5. The Baseball Cap

Cap With Embroidery

This white baseball cap announces what team you are aligned with and that's the one that supports, represents, and champions unity. Wear it proudly all summer long.

Other items are dropping on Monday, June 25.

Courtesy of ASOS

This long-sleeved, rainbow striped tee with "Unity" printed on the collar is coming soon. It has a $40 price tag.

Courtesy of ASOS

Did you notice the details of this rainbow striped top? There is an ampersand in the lower corner, along with the "Unity" collar. These clothes don't just make style statements. They will also spark conversations — important ones at that!

Courtesy of ASOS

Here's how to crush these pieces IRL. You can pair them with most items already in your wardrobe.

Courtesy of ASOS

This patchwork, oversize denim jacket nods to the '80s.

Courtesy of ASOS

The ASOS x glaad& collection is just the colorful and socially conscious boost your wardrobe needs.