This Coke-Inspired Fanny Pack Is As Sweet As A Can Of Soda

Courtesy of HEX

Have a Coke and a smile... and a backpack! The new Coca-Cola x HEX accessories collection is too cute not to carry! This small but focused capsule collection is sweeter than a can of the fizzy, carbonated beverage. It's also fully utilitarian without sacrificing an oz. of style!

The bag range follows the previous, successful Coke x HEX bag range. You can wear 'em with Coke Converse if you want to get matchy matchy.

These beachy bags are inspired by the brand's long-running "Catch a Wave" marketing mantra. Where better to carry "Catch the Wave" bags than where waves actually break all day, every day?

That said, these bags avails themselves of so many purposes beyond carrying sunblock, towels, wet swimsuits, and other beach essentials. Even though it is the end of the summer season, you can use them tote books to class, for a quick weekend getaway, or for the gym. They are that versatile.

The mixed materials and multi-purpose collection boasts the bevvie's signature red and white color scheme with retro, Coke-print lining. There's The Backpack, The Surf Tote, and The Waist Pack. Each has a rad and unseen benefit — an insulated cooler pocket to keep your can or bottle of Coke perfectly chilled.

The Coke x HEX collection is available now. The bangs run from $45 to $90 and will take you deep into fall.

Courtesy of HEX

What will you use your Coke bag for? These carryalls suit so many tasks.

Courtesy of HEX

That red and white print looks gloriously vintage.

Courtesy of HEX

Keep those Cokes cool AF!

Courtesy of HEX

It's "The Real Thing" indeed!

Courtesy of HEX

Have Coke bag, will travel!

Courtesy of HEX

Catch the wave — in style, of course!

Courtesy of HEX

The once-maligned fanny pack is now highly regarded as a so-uncool-it's-acutally-cool accessory. It gets a boost from the Coke branding. Wear yours proudly.

1. The Backpack

2. The Surf Tote

3. The Waist Pack

If you are ISO some new accessories for fall or already planning ahead for next summer's surf season, these bags foot the bill. The vibrant, red and white print will add a (soda) pop of color to any ensemble with which you pair these bags. Plus, you will pledge your allegiance to Coke — as opposed to Pepsi, of course!

It's such a win any time food and pop culture are incorporated into fashion!