This Disney Villains Makeup Collection By ColourPop Is Not For Princesses

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For Disney fans, there is no shortage of nostalgia-inducing products. The only downside is that many of these products focus on the famous studios heroines like the famous Disney princesses. Now, though, the Colourpop x Disney Villains collection is here to help you embrace your inner baddie and say goodbye to all that princess merch.

Since March 18, ColourPop has been teasing a major announcement on their Instagram account. The first was a video with the hashtag #ItFeelsGoodToBeBad and the date for March 21. Once that post went up, another popped up announcing that the brand would officially be partnering with Disney for a villains collection set to launch on March 21. Now, the collection has officially been unveiled, and the products are inspired by some of your favorite villains.

If a Disney and Colourpop joint venture sounds familiar, there's a good reason why. They've done it before. While you may be a bigger fan of the big bads from Disney films, ColourPop's first work with the studio was actually a collection themed after the princesses. The collaboration featured products themed after iconic princesses like Tiana, Belle, and Jasmine and was a huge hit. In fact, the Colourpop x Disney Princess collection was such a winner that they even restocked the limited edition products.

Now, though, it's the villains' time to shine.

Courtesy of ColourPop

As mentioned, the collection is set to launch on March 21 at the ColourPop website, Ulta and Ulta online, and on Shop Disney. Like all of the brand's products, the prices are so good you'll want to purchase everything. Of course, that means you'll need to know what's in the ColourPop x Disney Villains collection. Get ready, some of your favorite baddies are coming at you.

Pressed Powder Palette, $22

Courtesy of ColourPop

Honestly, the Disney villains always had the best makeup, and this palette's color selection proves it.

Lux Lipsticks $8 each, $48 bundle

Courtesy of ColourPop

The Evil Queen, Hades, Dr. Facilier, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, and Ursula are the featured villains in the Disney x ColourPop collection, and they all get their very own lippie.

Jelly Much Eyeshadows $8

Courtesy of ColourPop

Remember ColourPop's innovative Jelly Much shadows? They're back in new shades with the Villains collection.

Ultra Glossy Lip $7

Courtesy of ColourPop

Like the Lux Lipsticks, all of the Ultra Glossy Lips in the collection correspond to a villain. No matter which one is your favorite, their is a gloss for everyone.

Super Shock Highlighters $10

Courtesy of ColourPop

Even baddies have to glow, and these character-themed Super Shock Highlighters will have you beaming.

Glitterally Obsessed $10

Courtesy of ColourPop

A little glitter never hurt any one, and these Glitterally Obsessed body glitters are no exception.

PR Collection

Courtesy of ColourPop

Lastly, if every part of the Disney x ColourPop Villains collection looks perfect to you, you can snag the entire PR box complete with product for $249.

If you want to shop the ColourPop x Disney Villains collection, mark your calendar for March 22. This baddie-inspired collection is a total feast for the eyes and so affordable you'll think you're stealing it (but don't because you shouldn't be an actual villain).

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