The Internet Is Freaking Out About Fenty Beauty's Surprise Holiday Collection

by Melanie Richtman

Earlier this month, Rihanna launched her highly anticipated Fenty Beauty makeup line and unsurprisingly, it was a huge success. Capitalizing on this momentum, Rihanna shared a preview of the Fenty Beauty holiday collection on her social media channels, and as you might've predicted, fans are super excited to get their hands on these new products.

While the initial collection consisted mostly of makeup staples — there was a primer, a foundation, several brushes, two different types of highlighters, and one lip gloss, all in a range of inclusive shades — the Fenty Beauty holiday collection will expand into more colorful, creative categories, like lipstick, lip gloss, liquid eyeliner, and a 14-color eyeshadow palette.

You can't tell exactly what each shade will be from the photo, but the eyeshadow palette is definitely not your basic collection of shimmery neutrals. In true Rihanna fashion, the eyeshadow palette includes a variety of bright colors, including a neon aqua, a royal blue, a bubblegum pink, a dark purple, and shimmery copper, in addition to several other fun shades. As for the lipsticks, there appears to be four different colors: pink, peach, berry, and light purple. The best part? Most likely these colorful shades will be flattering on almost all skin tones, because Rihanna gets it.

And if the makeup itself wasn't awesome enough, the packaging is out of this world — literally. Instead of opting for neutral casings like most brands, the Fenty Beauty holiday collection packaging is colorful and holographic, which seems very appropriate for Rihanna's makeup line. It almost looks too pretty to use. Almost.

The Fenty Beauty holiday collection will be available on on Oct. 13, which seems a little early for a holiday collection, but you can be certain that this collection will fly off the (virtual) shelves. And since it goes on sale in October, Rihanna will have ample time to restock the line before December, when people really start doing their holiday shopping.

People are already plotting ways to get their hands on the Fenty Beauty holiday collection, because, let's face it, everything Rihanna does is amazing.

Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement about the launch. Obviously, people are pumped, especially since everyone probably assumed that it would be months before new Fenty Beauty products came out. Two launches in two months? It's a dream come true.

Even beauty influencers are excited to get their hands on Rihanna's new products (not that that's particularly surprising).

People are definitely glad to see that Rihanna is taking this makeup line seriously. Not than anyone expected anything less from Rihanna.

Some people aren't mentally prepared for the launch yet.

Because it's a lot of amazing makeup news to digest in such a short period of time.

Some people haven't even had a chance to try the first round of products yet.

So fans should start saving their money now, or make sure everyone knows it's on their holiday wish list.

You honestly couldn't ask for a better gift.

It seems like people are especially excited for the eyeshadow palette, and rightfully so.

There's no way this Fenty Beauty holiday collection eyeshadow palette doesn't sell out immediately.

People are down for different lip glosses shades, too, since Rihanna's first Fenty Beauty launch only included one universal lip gloss shade.

And while some people tweeted their feelings about the launch, others asked really important questions, like, "can you preorder the Fenty Beauty holiday collection?"

A preorder option would be so nice, but it looks like everyone will just have to wait until Oct. 13.

So mark your calendars, because Fenty Beauty's holiday collection will be here before you know it.