Forever 21 Now Sells SUVA's Cult Fave Hydra Liners

I wasn't much aware of SUVA Beauty before I saw this Instagram post and now I am so perked up and quickly becoming obsessed. Forever 21 and SUVA Beauty are partnering. How so? I am glad you asked because it's good. First, let's do some recon on SUVA Beauty. It's mostly an eye makeup brand, offering "butter shadows," palettes, and singles. Their shadow textures are shimmers and mattes. While browsing their site, I was blown away by the pigmentation and color choices. F21 will be selling SUVA's most popylar Hydra Liners in the branded beauty shop, per the SUVA Insta post.

What are the SUVA Hydra Liners? Well, they come packaged in pots. But make no mistake. They are not gel liners. They are water-activated, which is suggested by the word "Hydra'"in the name.

"Water-activated" means you must to use a wet brush to apply these liners or spritz product with a makeup setting spray to moisten properly. The brand strongly discourages attempting to use this product while dry.

On the SUVA site, the Hydras come in UV, chrome, and matte finishes. There are tons and tons of bright colors and essentials, like black, white, and rose gold.

This Hydra Liner 101 video explains how to apply these babies in a minute!

The Hydras are designed to deliver intense pops of color to the lash line or to create face and body art, per the official product description on the site. They are smudgeproof and won't transfer; the color comes off when you decide to take it off. So you can rock these for festival season, for prom, for a night out dancing with the girls, whatever!

The pigment is insane, right? Forever 21 is selling eight shades on its site currently.

This is the caption that accompanied the post confirming the partnership. It's a beautiful thing.

These are the shades being sold via the Forever 21 website.

But let's go ahead and inspect the FULL range of colors that are the SUVA site. Those are below.

The liners come in round pots and are $11 a piece.

The color choices are primo. You can go bright and bold or be a little "safer." Just be sure to read the product descriptions, since Cherry Bomb includes an colorant in its formula that isn't approved in the U.S. So educate yourself.

I mean, these are amazing, right?

You can bright, muted, light, or dark.

SUVA rocks a rainbow! As noted by the Insta post, the most popular shades are retailing at via Forever 21.

Images: SUVA Beauty/Instagram (1); Courtesy of SUVA Beauty (5)