5 Pieces From The Harry Potter x Pandora Collection That Are Well Worth Your Galleons

Warner Bros

Christmas is fast approaching and as it's the season of giving, Harry Potter fans should prepare for the collaboration of a lifetime, the Harry Potter x Pandora collection. Oh yes, you read that right. You can now stan your favourite characters and symbols from the Wizarding World by rocking dainty pieces of silverware. For those who have paid a visit to the Wizarding World website and been sorted into a house, you'll finally be able to pledge your allegiance publicly by wearing a charm. It's practically a Christmas miracle. So what's in the Harry Potter x Pandora collection?

Pandora has partnered with Warner Bros to bring you a capsule collection of 12 hand-finished products, including charms, pendants, and a bracelet inspired by the Harry Potter films. Among the charms you'll find miniature versions of Harry, Hermione and Ron, but also Dobby, and it's so cute it'll melt your heart. There is also a Hogwarts Express charm, with the words "anything from the trolley, dear," engraved on the bottom. The only bangle in the collection is an update of the Pandora Moments bracelet, but this time, with the Gold Snitch as the clasp.

Pandora’s Chief Creative and Brand Officer Stephen Fairchild says of the collection: "Through our Harry Potter-inspired jewellery, Pandora and Harry Potter fans can express their love for magic, fantasy, bravery and the power of friendship. Pandora fans have asked for this collection for years, and we are really excited that it is here." The collection will be available in all Pandora shops and online worldwide from November 28. Did someone say, "Expecto Patronum!" Here are some of the best pieces in the collection.