A LORAC x 'Pirates' Makeup Collection Is On Deck

Last night, the trailer for Dead Men Tell No Tales, the latest installment of Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, debuted during the Super Bowl. Immediately after, LORAC shared a hint about its Pirates of the Caribbean makeup collection on social media. It was just an image without a lot of concrete or additional detail. But seriously, you have to see this. What's in the LORAC x Pirates of the Caribbean collab?

Well, we don't know much as of press time. The brand only shared the black and gold packaging, which looks like a palette of some sort.

Will it be eyeshadow only? A mixed set, featuring eyeshadows, highlighters, and blush? A compartment for lippies or brushes? Who knows what we will find when this treasure chest is finally opened!

I am thinking there will have to be an eyeliner involved, since Captain Jack Sparrow rocks guyliner like nobody's bidness.

The brand did note in the caption that "the collection" will be available at Ulta and other retailers. So perhaps there is more to this range than the possible palette that was posted. Or maybe the "palette" is multi-dimensional and represents the whole of the collection?

Oh, LORAC! You tease! It's kind of exciting that we don't know all the details yet. It's also exciting that another POTC movie is on deck.

Pirates of the Caribbean Eye Shadow Palette, $52, Ulta

Last year, another Johnny Depp-led franchise had a matching makeup collection with Urban Decay x Alice Through the Looking Glass.

But let's look foward with LORAC.

The brand wasn't very revealing about this collab but this tease was enough to get me super stoked. We don't know the price, when it drops, or what's inside. We just know that it's a makeup and movie mashup and one that we will be able to nab at Ulta. So that's a start.

Jack Sparrow is back in Dead Men Tell No Tales on May 26. Perhaps his smoky eyes provided much of the inspo for LORAC.

Images: LORAC/Instagram (1); Disney Studios/Instagram (1)