What's In The Miley Cyrus x Converse Collection? There's More Than Just Shoes In This Collab

Glitter takes everything to the next level, especially casual basics such as athleisure attire and classic kicks — like Converse. Miley Cyrus and Converse have teamed up for a fashion collection that is glitter-dusted, print-focused, and super wearable. It features two-toned Chuck sneakers, leggings, bra tops, hoodies, and everything you need to rock that casual cool street style. There are pieces for both men and women, as well as unisex items.

Ultimately, Miley x Converse is a mix and match collection that features some really cute stuff, such as high top Chucks with a serious platform wedge. There is a low top with lift and that sole has a snazzy, millennial pink design.

With Converse x Miley Forever, it's all about those details. The shoes are still definitively and recognizably Converse. But they get a fashion boost from the Miley-approved flourishes and accoutrements.

As the brand specifically states, the collab is essentially an invitation for Miley fans of all genders, ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes to celebrate their individuality. That's always in style.

Loads of print leggings, cropped tops, oversized tees, and track pants that comprise the collection. There are cropped biker shorts, too.

There are accessories, too. Glittery hats, socks, and backpacks are also included in the collection.

There is a lot to pick and choose from, especially if your wardrobe is mostly athleisure. You can buy just a few pieces and still create a bunch of versatile looks, since all of the items pair well. They will coordinate wonderfully with one another and pieces you already own.

Here are some of the most ace pieces in the range. The collection represents a youthful aesthetic in the here and now.

1. Major Platforms

Converse x Miley Cyrus Chuck Taylor All Star Platform High Top


2. A Little Lift

Converse x Miley Cyrus Chuck Taylor All Star Lift Low Top


3. Unisex + Glitter Kicks

Converse x Miley Cyrus Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Unisex Shoe


4. Bandana Print Leggings

Converse x Miley Cyrus Bandana Sport Leggings


5. Joggers

Converse x Miley Cyrus Bandanda Track Pant


6. Sports Bra Tops

Converse x Miley Cyrus Bandana Bra


7. Bike Short Nirvana

Converse x Miley Cyrus Logo Biker Shorts


8. A Dress Or A Shirt? It's Both!

Converse x Miley Cyrus Oversized Glitter T-Shirt Dress


9. Hoodies, Hoodies Everywhere

Converse x Miley Cyrus Bandana Track Pullover Hoodie


10. Dad Hats With A Twist

Converse x Miley Cyrus Glitter Dad Hat


There are socks, shorts, and more. It's a full service assortment of clothes that can be mixed and matched without looking like you only shopped one line. It's that versatile.