Moschino & Sephora Are Launching An Entire Collection That Looks Like .... Office Supplies?

Courtesy of Sephora

Shopping for school supplies was often a drag, but buying supplies for an office is … well, still a drag depending on who you talk to. But that’s all about to change because Moschino and Sephora Collection are collaborating in an entire collection inspired by office supplies. The launch is one of the rare times purchasing pencils, erasers, and (of course) highlighters is being received with genuine excitement.

Beauty news Instagram account Trendmood1 first posted a sneak peek of the line on April 13, immediately gaining approval in over 13,000 likes. The post revealed that the collection contains a computer eyeshadow palette, a No. 2 pencil brush set, marker-shaped lip sticks, a marker-shaped eyeliner, eraser sponges, white out nail polish, and a moisturizing face mask .

Just like real office supplies, everything in the limited edition collection comes packaged in cardboard and plastic. Plus, products like the highlighters and liquid markers lip sticks, and the pencil brushes are offered only in sets.

Being that everything in the collection will retail from $8 to $60, there’s room to splurge in this collection. Exclusively available at Sephora, the line will officially drop April 25 online and in stores.

This collection was made for a boss, so stock up your desk with some sick looks. Here’s what to expect in this fun makeup collaboration.

Laptop Eyeshadow Palette

Courtesy of Sephora

The holy grail of computer-eyeshadow palette hybrids has arrived in these 30-shades of matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. Retailing for $60, this palette has a embedded mirror along with hues with the most digitally-appropriate shade names such as Bionic, Transfer, and "@". Literally. Plus, the black sponge shaped like the Moschino bear mascot is actually a brush cleaner. A whole mood.

Pencil Brushes and Liquid Marker Lip Set

Courtesy of Sephora

There are four sets in the Moschino x Sephora Collection. One of them is a $58 brush set with five brushes inspired by pencils with each one labeled numbers one through five. Fans will receive a foundation brush, a blush brush, and eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, and an angled liner brush.

The only other five piece set in this collection are the high pigmented Liquid Marker Lip Sticks. For $34, fans can get all five in the shades Escape, an electric aqua; Enter, a bright lilac; Shift, a deep violet; Command, a bright coral; and Power, an extreme fuchsia. And yes, they're all matte finishes.

Highlight & Cheek Set

Courtesy of Sephora

At $36, beauty lovers can shop Control, Alt, and Delete, the three highlighters in this collection to shimmer on all shades. Control is a cool toned, universal shimmer, Alt is a warm tone bronze shimmer, and Delete is a pink-toned, holographic shimmer.

Eraser Sponges

Courtesy of Sephora

Also packaged in a set of three like are Moschino + Sephora's eraser sponges. Fans can use these latex-free sponges either wet or dry to blend out makeup. Plus, the edges on the eraser-styled sponge are great for getting into more precise sections of the face. These will set shoppers back $20 for all three.

Marker Eyeliner & Liquid Polish

Courtesy of Sephora
Courtesy of Sephora

Some looks just aren't complete without eyeliner for an edgy cat-eye and a bed of primped and polished nails. The collaboration tossed in one felt tip precision eyeliner (that only comes in black by the way) for $18 and one opaque white nail polish for $12.

Toy Honey Mask

Courtesy of Sephora

The most inexpensive product in the Moschino x Sephora collection is this $8 honey mask. For skin care lovers whose main concern is dryness, this hydrating sheet mask infused with honey will leave skin feeling nourished and moisturized.

While this launch may be reminiscent of waiting in lines to for notebooks and protractors, let at least one office supply trip leave you with a stunning face beat for when you're booked and busy in meetings.