This Muppets Accessories Line Is The Most Over-The-Top Thing You've Ever Seen

Irregular Choice

It's the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, and Muppetational accessories collection ever, to borrow lyrics from The Muppet Show theme song. The Muppets x Irregular Choice collection is the most adorable thing you will see today, so prepare to "Ooh!" and "Aah" over the handbags, heels, shoes, and tights that comprise the set. Imagery of beloved characters — including fashion trendsetter Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Animal, and Kermit the Frog— are prominently featured in this range of shoes accessories, along with their most famous quotes.

The Muppets x Irregular Choice collection is anything but subtle. It's loud, bold, and super fun, just like The Muppets themselves. The shows and accessories are all about the mega glam details. Any of these accessories will be a welcome addition to your OOTD, especially if you are rocking a monochromatic ensemble.

The collection starts at $38 for tights and goes up to $299 for a pair of fabulously embellished booties. If Miss Piggy is one of your sartorial icons, there are plenty of Piggy-themed pieces to choose from. If you prefer the wild and crazy antics of that lovable madman drummer Animal, he is also well-represented. And the affable Fozzy Bear gets his own handbag, too.

Let's peep the some of the most eye-arresting pieces.

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Animal Was Here Bag, $149,

The kick drum-shaped, "Animal Was Here" bag will add a pop of fuzzy, orange, and hot pink color to an all-black ensemble.

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

All About Moi, $269,

The "All About Moi" pump is nothing short of epic. It has so many ornate design elements. It's a tribute to one of Miss Piggy's signature phrases, since she is known for thinking about herself first, second, and third. The heel itself is a mini Miss Piggy statue, while the sole features words and graphics. The ankle strap features fluffy faux fur and pearls. There's glitter and more.

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Fierce Piggy, $299,

Sasha Fierce? No, Fierce Piggy! These booties are made for so much more than walking. The leopard-print ankle stilettos are busy in the best way. Tuck a pair of skinnies into 'em and strut your stuff. With Miss Piggy adorning the actual heel, how can you possibly go wrong?

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Miss Piggy Tights, $38,

Bright pink, Miss Piggy-branded tights aren't just a fashionable accessory. They are a conversation starter. Wear them with an LBD and black heels for maximum "oomph."

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Boo Hiss Slippers, $179,

The show's super grouchy duo of Waldorf and Statler are immortalized in a pair of comfy and cozy slipper flats. Wouldn't you love to wear these grumpy old men shoes with a classic ensemble, such as cropped black leggings and long-sleeved tee?

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Original Diva, $219,

These T-strap heels are everything ... literally. The features are epic, from the star detail to the scalloped edges to the glitter to the eyes on the inside of the actual heel. You can clearly see that detailing factors heavily into this entire collection.

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Wocka Wocka Bag, $219,

This braided top-handle Fozzy Bear back is such a cute way to put a period at the end of your outfit's sentence. It's an adorbs finishing touch.

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Love Is Green Purse, $40,

Kermit the Frog takes sequined form in this top clasp bag. If you want to add a playful touch to a dressy or semi-formal outfit, this is the way to do it.

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Hiii Yaaa Handbag, $189,

You will be the most glamorous girl in the room dangling this Miss Piggy-centric bag from your arm.

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

The Great Gonzo, $190,

The heel height might be kittenish, but everything else about the Gonzo pumps is super frisky.

Courtesy of Irregular Choice

Louder, Louder, $199,

Animal has been reimagined as a fuzzy, peep-toe heel that will allow you to dance to the beat of your very own fashion drum.

Super Couple, $269,

At first glance, these heels appear mismatched. But once you process that it's the OG powercouple, you'll realize this is a perfect pair.

This delightful collection lets you add more Muppets to your life and your wardrobe. What more could you want?