Man Repeller x Monogram Is Super Cool

by Rosie Narasaki

Fashion blogger Leandra Medine certainly knows how to keep busy. So, what's the scoop on her latest collaboration? What exactly is in the new Man Repeller x Monogram capsule collection? Well, Monogram is a relatively new graphic T-shirt destination helmed by married co-designers, Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos, and they've joined forces with Medine to create two very covetable designs. The exciting two T-shirts retail for $65, and are currently available on the Monogram website, as well as at the month-long Man Repeller pop-up shop at Canal Street Market in NYC.

Since both parties are known for their bold, colorful, eye-catching design aesthetic, it's something of a match made in heaven — something that they agree is part of what brought them together. As Mayock said to WWD, "We’ve been fans of [Medine’s] blog for a long time ... The things that are really important to us are a sense of humor, colorful, leading with your personality, dressing in a way that feels fun and not forced — and Leandra is definitely all of those things and more."

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She also added that their shirts come with a strong message: "We started this brand to help inspire women to lead with their personality…and a graphic T-shirt is such a literal, straightforward way to do that."

Man Repeller Fruit Cake, $65, Monogram Studio

Both shirts prominently feature the Man Repeller logo, as well as compelling food photography from the '70s. And in addition to being strikingly stylish, each comes with a bit of a message: Medine explained to Refinery29 that the fruitcake references the standard housewarming gift to welcome new people to the neighborhood, which in turn symbolizes Man Repeller's mission to welcome new people to their community.

Man Repeller Fork & Knife, $65, Monogram Studio

As for the second shirt? "We're expressing the action of eating up Man Repeller [content]," Medine told the publication.

So, whether you devour Man Repeller content, or think a fruitcake makes for a great symbol for community, the MR x Monogram shirts are definitely worth checking out. Just pair them with your favorite MR by Man Repeller statement shoes and you're good to go.