This Is What's In UD's Nocturnal Shadow Box

Urban Decay and Ulta are gearing up to give Beauty Junkies their first major #ByeMoney moment of 2017. The Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box Palette is the centerpiece of the brand's latest Ulta-exclusive collection and it was designed to be your go-to shadow set for all your upcoming 2017 late nights. The range also features four Vice lipsticks. The set is available online via the Ulta site on Sunday, Jan. 15. The products will then be available for purchase at Ulta locations a week later on Sunday, Jan. 22. What colors are in the Urban Decay x Ulta Nocturnal Shadow Box Palette? What color are the accompanying lippies?

I am so glad you asked, since these products will allow you to slay all night, since there is nothing more disappointing than makeup that can't hang at all hours.

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box Palette, $29, Ulta

The eyeshadows in the 12-pan Nocturnal Shadow Box are not brand new — ABC Gum, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Half Baked, Riff, Fireball, Lounge, Backfire, and Blackout are all available as single-serve Urban Decay shadows. But they are expertly coordinated and packaged here, which can help you with customizing your eye looks. The palette also includes shadows that were part of other palettes, but more on those in sec.

The Vice lippies — Lawbreaker, Nonsense, Fireball, and Backstab— are all new hues.

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box Palette, $29, Ulta

Ulta Insta'ed this pic of the new palette and new lippies. This is your arsenal for beauty after dark!

Here is the caption of the Insta post, which provides the critical intel for the new Urban x Ulta collab and which also confirms the release dates.

Swatches are always a "do."

The swatches reveal the shade names and textures/formulas. Baby was previously in the Gwen Stefani palette, while Delete was part of the Vice 4 palette. Also, Heroine was previously released. Armor is part of the NAKED Smoky Palette.

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box Palette, $29, Ulta

Seeing the pans of shadow side by side really stirs up ideas for how to pair and wear them!

Check out the lippies! There has to be one that's just for you... or maybe all four!

The Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box Palette, $29, Ulta

You may as well start planning to shop and setting aside some cash.

Images: Ulta/Instagram (1); Ulta Snapchat (5)