Pepsi Has A Clothing Line That Is Actually Stylish AF

The World Cup has invaded everything from sports bars to fashion collections, and the newest brand to create a capsule collection isn't one you might expect. It's a soda company. The new Pepsi x Boohoo Art of Football Streetwear capsule collection might, on paper, sound like a branded attempt to sell sugary drinks, but it's actually a chic, sports-inspired line that will have you itching to put on red, white, and blue.

Boohoo isn't the only brand that Pepsi is partnering with, either. Released coincidentally in the midst of the World Cup excitement and inspired by the game of football, it is part of their #loveitliveit campaign — which stands for Pepsi loving and living soccer, as well as its ability to connect fans with entertainment — the brand has linked up with five different clothing labels altogether to bring soccer to fans in a way that's not just through the TV screen. Its goal is to help you experience the game both on and off the field.

“What tightly links the football experience across our iconic brand, the players and our collective fans around the world is a love for the game. This year, we’ll love and live the game like never before in all we do," said Natalia Filippociants, Senior Marketing Director of PepsiCo., in a press release.

Since soccer is global, Pepsi has partnered with different labels across the world, from Anteater in Russia, Le Specs from Australia, New Era from the U.S., and Boohoo and Umbro from the U.K.

“Pop culture acumen — from sport and music to art and culture — is embedded in our Pepsi brand identity,” explained Filippociants. “Football is the world’s game and that culture and lifestyle goes beyond where and how we watch the game to how we love and live the game.”

You can now experience the game through your fashion. The Boohoo men's and women's collection is a series of steetwear-ready pieces and accessories, and it's available in-store and online right now at Boohoo. Check out some of the collection below.

The whole collection is available now online and in-stores, so the next World Cup game you watch, you can be decked out in red, white, and Pepsi blue.