This Super '90s dELiA*s x Dolls Kill Clothing Line Is More Size Inclusive Than Your dELiA*s Catalog EVER Was

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

The '90s remain a beloved decade for fashion, pop culture, and nostalgia. That's why the dELiA*s x Dolls Kill collab was so well-received last fall. Well, it's back. The new dELiA*s Dolls Kill drop (Sizes XS to 3X available) arrives Friday, Feb. 8 via the Dolls Kill site. This encore includes extended sizing, winter gear, more shoes and accessories, the iconic smiley faces that defined the fashion brand, rainbow stripes, and lots of mesh. So. Much. Mesh.

The new drop will include 88 total items across apparel, accessories, shoes, and bags. Extended sizing will be available for 23 pieces of clothing so this collection is more inclusive than your dELiA*s catalog ever was.

Prices start as low as $18 and can go as high as $90.

Some of the most popular pieces from the debut launch were the mesh tops, the chunky boots, and the PJ sets. There are more of those in this suite of items. It's clear that '90s fashions remain as stylish as ever.

That said, we can and should focus on dELiA*s x Dolls Kill, Version 2.0. There are lots of pieces that are totally wearable for the spring season. It may be freezing and winter may have several chilly weeks left. Yet it's never too soon to start planning your warmer weather wardrobe.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

There are shirt dresses aplenty and they nod to the late '90s and early '00s.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

The '90s and '00s are back AF yet again — with the prettiest, fuzziest sweater around.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

Flared jeans, flowered crop tops, and platform soles — it's all here.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

You gotta love a chunky heel.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

dELiA*s x Dolls Kill is for everyone.

Here are the 11 items you need to shop.

1. Midnight Plz E-Mail My Heart Twill Dress

2. Garden State Floral Dress

3. At Heaven's Door Mesh Top

4. Pure Euphoria Faux Fur Coat

5. Life In The Past Lane Puffer Jacket

6. Totally Happy Hour Mesh Top

7. Funky Vibrations Oversized Tee

8. What's My Age Again Sneakers

9. Bratty Babe Tube Top

10. Funky Beat Platform Sandals

11. You Drive Me Crazy Denim Overalls

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

Cropped tops, major bell bottom jeans, chunky boots, and mesh make up a large portion of the latest dELiA*s x Dolls Kill drop. You can grab pieces and incorporate them into your wardrobe for a vintage vibe. Or add a dose of the '90s to your OOTD. You can totally combine several pieces from the collection and go with a totally dELiA*s ensemble if you so desire. The assortment is versatile and adorable.

Courtesy of Dolls Kill

There are plenty of styles, sizes, and silhouettes to shop. But know one thing. The '90s and '00s remain back AF with dELiA*s x Dolls Kill. Here's hoping and wishing for a third collection.