Shay Mitchell Just Launched A Lip Product To Give You Her Signature Lip Look

by Kali Borovic

There's lip gloss, lipstick, and now there's lip powder. Tons of brands are creating their own formulas of staple lip products, but this brand decided to create a whole new formula instead. Shay Mitchell and Buxom Cosmetics teamed up to create PillowPout — a lip powder that plumps your lips as you apply. The new formula is available right now, so you can experience the magic for yourself.

If you're bored with the average lip product, this is the launch for you. According to Instagram, Mitchell teamed up with Buxom to create her perfect plumping product. Although the product is a powder, it comes in a tube that can be applied like other lip products. The color goes on blotted, but leaves with plump lips.

"Finally sharing my first collaboration with @BuxomCosmetics with you guys," Mitchell's Instagram caption reads. "PillowPout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder is amazing and will give you that perfect blotted lip we all strive for."

The proof is in the video, my friends. Mitchell shows herself applying the product on her social media, proving that this is is how she creates her signature look. According to the video, the product is "lightweight," "super soft," and comes in 10 different shades.

The brand isn't making you wait for this formula, either. PillowPout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder is available right now on the Buxom Cosmetics website. The shade are all sold separately and cost a cool $22 each. That's more closer to high-end, but still a small price to pay for a Mitchell-level pout.

As mentioned above, there are 10 different shades available. Colors range from neutral pinks to pops of red and even a purple. They all have super seductive names like Turn Me On, Kiss Me, and So Spicy. There's no word on whether or not Mitchell had a hand in naming the shades, but they sure do look gorgeous on her.

The color is a lot different than your average lip product, though. These leave a subtle, just-sucked-on-a-popsicle color to the lips. Combine that with plumping power, and you have one seriously stunning lip product.

Buxom is known for its lip plumping glosses, so PillowPout fits into the family perfectly. According to the product description, the product uses "innovative wet powder technology" that sticks out the lips all day without feeling too heavy.

All you have to do to use the product is twist the cap off and apply the sponge to the lips. To get more color, push the sponge into the top to reload the color. The product was design to have color built up with each application, so you can apply the color to your liking.

The product has only been available for less than 24 hours and already has rave reviews on the website. These aren't limited edition, though, so you have plenty of time to try them out.

PillowPout is currently only available on the brand's website right now. Bustle reached out to the brand to see if the products will be sold anywhere else, but for now there's only one place to snag it.