This Is What's In Sigma' Mystery Haul Beauty Boxes

by Kali Borovic

When it comes to beauty, Sigma knows a thing or two. So when they created three Mystery Haul Beauty Boxes, fans were instantly obsessed. If you're wondering what's in the Sigma Mystery haul Beauty Boxes, I have some bad news. The brand isn't telling what's inside, but they are guaranteeing a heck of a savings. It's such a great deal that people are buying them without even knowing what's inside.

Sigma Beauty has been on a roll lately. First they created the 3DHD Blender that sold out in just a day, and now they have three different mystery sets that are selling just as fast. There's the Want It Mystery Haul for $15, Need It Mystery Haul for $30, and Must Have It Mystery Haul for $50. Although they don't tell exactly what's in the kits, they do show a black cutout of the products.

Bustle reached out for comment from Sigma, and they shared that what you see is what you get. "As the picture shows, there’s a wide variety of full-sized makeup, brushes and samples of Sigma Beauty’s renowned brush care accessories in each box," the brand says via email.

The Like It Mystery Haul comes with five products, so that's just $3 a piece. The Lust It Mystery Haul comes with seven secret products, while the Love It Mystery Haul comes with eight. No matter which one you buy, you really can't go wrong.

Lust It Mystery Haul, $30, Sigma Beauty

Unfortunately, people were so excited by the Mystery Hauls that two of them are already sold out. It took them less than a day to go. As of March 7, at 2 p.m. ET, the only set you can purchase is the Want It Mystery Haul. There is good news though. According to the brand, they will be restocking these secret boxes soon.

Love It Mystery Haul, $50, Sigma Beauty

If you really wanted to, you could figure out exactly what is in the sets, just from the photos. Of course, you wouldn't know the exact shades, but you would get to see about how much money you'd be saving. None of the sets on the website say how much money you will be saving, but it's definitely worth the buy.

Like It Mystery Haul, $15, Sigma Beauty

Thankfully, these will be restocking, so you can get you hands on all the goodies. Something tells me that they will sell just as fast the second time around too.