Vernon Francois Is Now At Sephora

by Rachel Nussbaum

Praise hands for curly and coiled haircare making its way into the Sephora mainstream. Just dropped at the specialty retailer, Vernon Francois' line of haircare products will excite any curlies tired of the same old. With abundant options and some deeply exciting, innovative formulas, the line's a huge step forward for Sephora's curl-specific stock.

A little background on Francois: he's the sh*t. Hairstylist to celebs like Ruth Negga, Kerry Washington, and Solange (his Insta is inspiration central) more often than not Francois is behind any killer curls or natural style you see walking the red carpet. A hairstylist's hands are obviously irreplaceable — if only — but his line makes it as easy as possible to get those same level looks via an abundance of spray applicators. Essential to distributing product through hair quickly and evenly, if you've ever accidentally missed a spot, you understand. This is big.

The line is color-coded to help you decipher by hair type and need, a gift to anyone's Type A heart and Instagram. Burnt sienna Re~Vamp targets damaged and chemically treated hair with moisture-heavy formulas, while the pine green Curly line is ideal for swirly strands.

Vernon Francois PURE~FRO Moisture Spray, $32, Sephora

Golden Pure~Fro line is here for coiled and tightly coiled hair, easing combs and upping luster. Each line comes complete with a Moisture Spray tailored to the type's needs — the PURE~FRO's enriched with protein, for example.

Vernon Francois CURL~ Shampoo, $30, Sephora

Shampoos and spray conditioners follow suit, with the Curly~ line's packed with plant oils.

Vernon Francois RE~VAMP Conditioner, $33, Sephora

And the Re~Vamp's conditioner equipped with Panthenol, Hydrogenated Castor Oil and Ubuntu Mafura oil to deliver fatty acids.

Vernon Francois CO~WASH Shampoo, $30, Sephora

Beyond the divided lines, the brand's co-wash gently moisturizes and cleanses textures from curly to afro.

Vernon Francois SCALP NOURISH~MENT Braids & Locs Spray, $24, Sephora

While the Scalp Nourish~Ment Braids and Locs Spray service all hair types, maintaining styled hair and protecting natural hair before wigs, extensions or weaves (the little signs on each bottle are infinitely helpful).

Vernon Francois LIGHT WEIGHT~STYLING Serum, $32, Sephora

The Lightweight~Styling Serum is another all texture-friendly spritz, detangling, defining, and protecting hair from heat damage with jojoba, crambe, argan, castor and baobab oil.

Vernon Francois DAZZ~LING SPRITZ Shine Spray, $24, Sephora

And, the surest sign of a necessary product: the luminescent finish Dazz~Ling Spritze Shine Spray is already sold out on

Options! So many options, and I don't know which is more impressive — the formulas, or Francois's commitment to the curly aesthetic with the wavy line dash. Only one way to find out.

Images: Courtesy of Brand