Tiffany's Is Now Selling $95 Paper Cups & Honestly It's Kind Of Glorious

Tiffany & Co.

Sometimes rich people want to know what it's like to be middle class, and that's where Tiffany & Co.'s new home and accessories line comes in. The line, called Everyday Objects, is anything but common. In fact, it's absolutely extra.

While you're aware of the iconic blue box and staple pieces like the heart-shaped charm bracelet, you might not have known the brand has a home collection. You can expect to find things like $500 nickel alarm clocks or "Return to Tiffany" heart shaped spoons — the kind of presents you would expect to get from your rich aunt at your wedding. But outside of whimsical wedding shower gifts, not many people pop into a jewelry store for some casual home decor. And looking at their newest collection, you have to wonder what kind of fabulous lifestyles people lead that would cause them to purchase some of these items on a whim.

"We believe in living with beautiful things every day" the brand's homepage reads. "Every accessory and object we design has an intelligence and wit that make the ordinary feel extraordinary."

And if you check out some of their star pieces, you'll definitely agree they're extraordinary to the tenth degree. You know how you sometimes lose consciousness in Target and end up in the checkout with a new living room carpet, a bottle of vitamin supplements, and a succulent terrarium? It's interesting to think who would do that in Tiffany & Co., especially considering the prices. Check out some of their best pieces below.

A "Paper" Cup

Paper Cup, $575, Tiffany & Co.

Clocking in at over $500, that's some "paper" cup. The idea behind this line is to take everyday, utilitarian pieces, and craft them into works of art. So the inspiration behind this particular piece was the paper cups they use to serve coffee in Tiffany & Co. stores, reimagined into sterling silver.

Tin Can

Tin Can, $1000, Tiffany & Co.

What do you think a millionaire would need a sterling silver tin can for? Maybe they did some jamming and need to store their creation somewhere pretty? Or they want something kitschy to store their pencils in? Maybe it's just a novelty to see a can? (Like, do people still do cans out there?) Who knows, but it's genius.

First Aid Box

First Aid Box, $600, Tiffany & Co.

I don't know about you, but I refuse to keep my band-aids in something that costs less than $500. I mean, how tacky!? While cardboard boxes work just fine for the general population, you have to admit this is quite a whimsical take on the classic household staple.

Paperclip Bookmark

Paperclip Bookmark, $165, Tiffany & Co.

Clocking in at 2.5 inches, this sterling silver paperclip might be the most expensive bookmark you've ever bought. DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LOSE IT.

Bone China Paper Cups

Paper Cup, $95, Tiffany & Co.

They're meant to mimic the paper cups you would drink out of at the store, except reworked into bone china. For the price of $95, you get a set of two. You would definitely feel fancy drinking your instant coffee out of this.

Tin Can Baby Bank

Tin Can Baby Bank, $1000, Tiffany & Co.

Remember that bright pink pig you used to have as a piggy bank? This is what the other side uses instead. A $1,000 can to put their nickels into. I can dig it.

Ball Of Yarn

Ball Of Yarn, $9,000, Tiffany & Co.

If you have the amount of a semester of in-state tuition casually lying around, then this sterling silver ball of yarn can be yours! Why is it so expensive, you ask? It's limited edition, and there are only five handmade in New York in 2017.

Whether you think this is wildly extra or dreamily whimsical, you have got to love Tiffany for their creativity.