This Valentine’s Day Undies Line Shatters Gender Stereotypes AND Goes Up To A 4X

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Courtesy of TomboyX

For ages, society has spent time picking apart who you are to fit the mold of a specific standard of beauty. Thankfully, in the last few years, being the most authentic version of yourself has never been trendier — and that's so the mood the TomboyX Body x Love Collection (offers sizes XS-4X) is serving for Valentine's Day.

It's moments like these where accepting oneself, flaws and all, has become the centerpiece of the conversation when it comes to brands offering up lingerie on Valentine's Day. The TomboyX Body x Love Collection is where comfort meets playful. It features a selection of products including boy shorts, sports bras, briefs, and boy shorts with fun heart-studded prints to make you feel your cutest — while also staying comfortable. It's a crucial time to include both.

CEO and co-founder of TomboyX Fran Dunaway spoke with Bustle exclusively to share why individuality was a main focus for this Valentine's Day Collection.

“It isn’t about how someone else sees you, it's about who you are, from the inside, out," Dunaway told Bustle. "Your reflection shouldn’t be for consumption, subject to standards, or judgement. Turn the mirror around and reflect yourself, which includes what’s inside of you. That is true beauty.”

Courtesy of TomboyX

Not only is the this lingerie line super Instagram-worthy (wink wink), but the campaign itself shows the side of underrepresented bodies that people often try to keep hidden. Now that this collection puts every tat, wrinkle, stretch mark, and FUPA on display, everyone can rest a little easier and accept the fact that no one's perfect. Quite frankly, that's the best part about being you.

Courtesy of TomboyX

The entire TomboyX Body x Love Collection officially drops Jan. 17. If you're in the market for some sweetheart-inspired briefs, bras, and panties, here are some of the best picks in the lineup.

Ruched Bralette

This T-shirt bralette is sure to make your heart flutter. No seriously, it's got hearts with wings on them.

4.5 Trunks

Instead of stealing your friend's trunks, you can nab a pair of your own in this print that's sweeter than candy. Although these are mid rise trunks, you can also get the shorter "boy shorts" version or the longer 9" boxer briefs.

Racerback Bra

If you're in need of something with more support, you can also snag the magenta winged heart racerback bra. Not a fan of underwire and padding? You'll be running wild and free in this baby.


For big-breasted babes who fear bralettes, this one provides a keyhole cutout in the center, so you can divide and conquer. Made out of the brand's go-to Micromodal, it provides all the comforts of a silk-like feel.

9" Boxer Briefs

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired of the insufferable chub rub, these winged heart 9" boxer briefs should keep your thighs moving at lightning speed. By the way, these don't ride up so you can ride on.


These bikini bottoms might just help you love your booty a little more. The cut of these undies are made to ensure your panties stay put, unless you don't want them to, of course.

Essentials Soft Bra

Covered in the same winged hearts, TomboyX Body x Love's Essentials Soft Bra gives you the look of a sports bra and the comfort of a bralette. This one's a no brainer.

Lingerie lines that do the duties of eliminating heteronormative standards while also remaining size inclusive like this one maybe come a dime a dozen. So if these pieces match your vibe, be sure these are on your list of things to buy for V-Day.

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