The New Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette Smells Like Birthday Cake Because Why Not?

Too Faced is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and the brand is doing so with quite a beauty bang. You didn't think Jerrod Blandino and co. would let this milestone in the company history come and go without a major celebration, did you?! Too Faced's 20th Anniversary Collection includes a palette that is everything — literally. It nods to the brand's past in a unique way and it also highlights where things are in the here and now.

We'll give you a moment to process the fact that yes, Too Faced is actually two decades old! The brand has been beautifying our lips, lids, and other features in a good-girl-gone-naughty way the entire time.

Blandino posted his signature "sneaky peek" look at the palette on his personal Instagram. It's old school in that it features the "classic," scrawled, and almost punk rock-looking Too Faced logo on the top of the palette in gold lettering. The shell is millennial pink and glittery. So from a packaging perspective, it's a straight up stunner. But it's even prettier on the inside.

It includes the brand's original 10 eyeshadow shades that launched in 1998. They are recreated with a new, modern formula. There are an additional 10 new shades, which were inspired by the 10 originals. That's so meta — a palette inspired by itself!

As Blandino stated in the caption of the revelatory post, the shades brought "fun and glamour" to the table upon launch. The "Circa 1998" shades live in circular pans and are shimmery metallics in gold, burgundy, plum, and ice blue hues. They have awesome names — Twinkie, Pixie Dust, Dirt Bag, Rizzo, Zsa Zsa, Temper Temper, Trixie, Villain, Ice Queen, and Ooh and Ahh. They don't look dated — at all.

The "Circa 2018" shades live in square pans and are similar to those that came before them but with a twist. They are named Glitter Donut, Lost Boys, NSFW, Gretchen, Reality Star, I Can't Even, Gigi, Shady Bitch, Chill Out, and Ooh La La. The palette is gloriously self-referential and your lids with love it. It's basically the Too Faced Remix!

Blandino also confirmed that the palette will have another Too Faced signature — it will smell yummy! Most of the brand's products are sweetly scented, from its Peach products to its Peanut Butter palette. The anniv palette will smell like birthday cake, rightfully so!

The packaging really does incorporate both eras of Too Faced. The current logo is prominently featured and there is an internal mirror. Therefore, this slim and self-contained case will travel well.

The brand has mastered the art of themed products without drifting into "gimmicky" territory.

Of course the Too Faced faithful is stoked about this collision of then and now in palette form.

The fans and customers love everything about this palette — from the concept to the execution to the colors themselves.

This slate of comments not only invokes deities but it pretty much says it all. It's easy to fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with this palette.

One user was concerned that the palette was basically offering two of the same shade. But one look at the pans of eyeshadow indicates that they are not repeats or shades that look like twinsies! Think of it like the Mary-Kate and Ashley of eyeshadow. Yes, they are twins who look similar and can be hard to tell apart on first glance. But anyone who knows those fashion plates can easily discern which sister is which, based on their personal style, their hair, their makeup, and their differences. That concept applies here. The new shades are inspired by the originals, but they are not exact copies. There are unique and noticeable differences! The "Circa 2018" shades appear to have more glimmer and shimmer.

Happy anniv, Too Faced! Here's to another 20 years!