Topshop's Bridal Collection Has Something For Everyone

Beautiful, modern, and affordable bridal wares are on the way! Topshop's Bridal Collection arrives on Thursday, Apr. 13. According to Refinery29, the Topshop Bridal collection will be sold at select Topshop stores and online. The dresses are as chic as they are affordable and there is nothing old-fashioned, or, well, overly bridal about these frocks. So what's in the Topshop Bridal Collection?

There is something for everyone in the wedding party and there are accessories, too! Of course there are bridal gowns, which are more like extremely fancy frocks than "gowns." There are bridesmaids' dresses as well.

Let's break it down a bit more.

There are five limited edition bridal dresses, reports Refinery29. The prices start at $650 and can go as high as $1500 and there long-sleeved, midi, and column shapes.

There are 25 bridesmaid dresses, as well. The prices run from $150 to $420. Anyone who has ever been a bridesmaid knows that gig can get insanely expensive — quick— and it's frustrating because you pay big bucks for a dress you don only once. But Topshop bridesmaids' frocks, which come in soft pastels and in chic silhouettes, are affordable and you can easily repurpose them for other occasions, making the price tag even more attractive.

But wait! There's more.

Accessories also factor into the collection, from shoes to hair adornment to lingerie. Topshop is making getting ready for a wedding so, so easy for the bride and her squad.

Seriously, how pretty are these dresses so far? It's certainly a wonderful time to be planning a wedding with such free-spirited, sweet, and unstuffy wedding attire.