Topshop's New Make-up Range Has A Hero Product That Will Revolutionise Your Routine

Topshop's had a few beauty staples over the years — it's been the go-to place on the high street for that voluptuous red lipstick, those dainty eyelash extensions, and it's also made nail polish collections much more colourful and sparkly, too. Recently, it seemed as though the Topshop beauty stock was dwindling a little bit, but that certainly hasn't been the case. Topshop's beauty range has had a makeover, and its new revamp should give the high street giant — best known for its garms — an enviable cosmetics sections. So what's in Topshop's new beauty range?

The new collection will be coming to stores on Nov. 2, 2018. While stock might have seemed a bit limited before, Topshop have given their shelves a big beauty refill, as they'll now reportedly be offering 83 lip products, as well as 15 new nail polishes, with much else besides. They'll be rivalling even some of the bigger and more expensive cosmetic brands with this new line, since everything's high quality, yet you won't find anything above the £16 mark. That means you can stock up on your winter essentials without having to feel bad for spending money on your make-up — not that you should ever feel bad for that. So, what exactly can you look forward to buying from Topshop's new beauty range?

Well, their new highlighter in particular seems to be all the rage, and is the one product everyone is excited about. When Vogue tried out the new products on Oct. 17, they said that it was "second to none." They praised everything from the "iridescent Chameleon Highlighter to the return of the brand's much-loved Glow Pots, the dropper-applied Glow Liquid Highlighter and the Glow Powder Highlighter. All of them offer blend-able, buildable coverage, and flattering colours for every skin tone." To go underneath that there are foundations, primers (both matte and illuminating), liquid concealers, and powders (these come in matte, invisble, and pressed). And if you're not a highlighter kind of person, there's blusher and bronzer too.

But all of these new additions don't mean that anything's getting ousted. That now iconic Topshop Rio Rio red lipstick is back, it's just been rebranded into less squiggly, more sleek packaging. But maybe best of all, Topshop have revealed that the new line is entirely cruelty free. All products have been approved by the Leaping Bunny Program, so there's no guilt involved here — especially when it comes to those new lipsticks. Of those lip products, there are 83 shades and textures. You'll especially want to look out for the longwear liquid, cream, and matte formulas, which come in a bunch of intense pigments.

Also included: these fantastically glittery eyeshadows and eyeliners. In total there are six eyeshadow finishes: matte, metallic, satin, sparkly, chrome, and crayon. They've also got you covered with eyeliners, brow products, bold mascara, and eyeshadow primer. Totally dreamy.

So, it looks as though Topshop have managed to conveniently nail it on all accounts. Cruelty free, budget friendly, high quality, huge variety — I mean really, what more could you ask for? Make sure to head to your nearest Topshop store on Nov. 2, or shop online for your next face from that date.