Wet N' Wild's New Under $10 Skin Care Line Will Save You SO Much Money

Courtesy of Wet N Wild

Tackling dry skin is one of the more challenging parts of a winter beauty routine. Thankfully, finding the right products to keep it in check is about to made easier — and more affordable. Wet N Wild is launching skin care and hair products in its new Pump collection for the first time for its 40 year history.

According to a press release from the brand, this now dubbed "ath-beauty" line is the first of its kind from the brand, taking you from busted to beat in a series of 20 travel-friendly products. By the way, every item is literally no more than $10. You're welcome.

The line features an array of on-the-go and customizable products from stick products to cleansing wipes, so you're not forced into carry heaps and heaps of product.

If you really can't wait to get your hands on this new portable collection packed with everything hair, makeup, and skin-related, it has already hit shelves and is available exclusively at CVS stores for now. On the other hand, if you prefer to get every product in one place, the Pump collection will also be sold on the brand's site starting Jan. 14.

Courtesy of Wet N Wild
Courtesy of Wet N Wild

For its first jump into skin care, Wet N Wild is introducing cleansing products to clear out your pores. First down the line is the brand's $8.99 Expert Level Cleansing Oil, described that works in three phases to dissolve makeup and impurities.

Not everyone's a fan of oil-based cleansers though, and that's why this collection comes equipped with a pack of Wet N Wild's Hit The Showers Face & Body Wipes for $5.99 and Personal Best Exfoliating Cleansing Balls for $7.99. The cleansing wipes are multipurpose that can be used as makeup remover or to simply wipe up beads of sweat after a workout while the balls help to exfoliate.

Glitter Masks

Sometimes the way to a skin care lover's heart is through a peel mask, and Wet N Wild is delivering not one, but two glitter peel masks for the first time in brand history.

The Detox It purifying glitter-infused mask is used to help brighten the skin while the Tone Up glitter mask is made to tone and even out skin to give you the glowing skin you want after feeling gross and sweaty. You'll also be happy to know that these peel masks will only set you back $8.99 each.

Do The Spritz Cooling Face and Body Mist

Courtesy of Wet N Wild

After cleansing and getting your face prepped for makeup, Wet N Wild's Do The Spritz Cooling Face and Body Mist is the step in between skin care and makeup application.

Whether you wear a full beat, a natural look, or no makeup at all, your skin can start to dull throughout the day, and that's where this cooling mist comes in handy. The $8.99 mist is portable, so you can take your soothing and smooth skin with you anywhere.

Hair Care

Courtesy of Wet N Wild

Two of the first hair care products in Wet N Wild's Pump Collection are its Final Stretch Dry Shampoo and the It's My Cheat Day Refreshing Hair Mist.

The dry shampoo helps to control oil and absorb odors for a quick touch up out of the shower. Not to mention, there's none of that white residue after application.

It's My Cheat Day Hair mist is the hair perfume you never knew you needed in your bathroom cabinet. It allows for hair to achieve that refreshed smell that will last you throughout the day.

Touch Up

Some makeup geeks like a touch of tint when working out, so Wet N Wild's touch up products may be your new go-to. This portion of the ath-beauty collection features six shades of $4.99 Keep Going Waterproof & Eyeshadows and six shades of the brand's Makeup Locker 3-in-1 BB cream with and a corrector and highlighter combo that goes for $8.99. Feeling fabulous while breaking a sweat seemed almost impossible until now.

On Your Matte Blotting Papers

Courtesy of Wet N Wild

Oil is something one cannot always control, but blotting papers sure do help. Wet N Wild brings fans the On Your Matte oil-absorbing blotting papers for mattifying all your face products and keeping your T-zone on point. It comes with 50 sheets and it'll only cost you $4.99 to battle that unwanted shine.

Full Circuit No Limit Palettes

Courtesy of Wet N Wild

Whether you're heading to the gym or stepping off the stepper, Wet N Wild's Full Circuit No Limit Palettes will have you looking presentable on both occasions. The palette comes in two shades and features four cream shadows and six powders to make your eyes the center of attention.