Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone X


After weeks of rumors and several media reports of an apparent leak concerning Apple's latest iPhone models, the company confirmed its newest product, the iPhone X, while announcing its release in Cupertino, California. Committed fans of Apple products might already have a rough approximation of what the phone will offer to its users but for those who may be wondering about what the new Apple iPhone X is, there are some interesting details about the highly anticipated product.

For starters, the sleek and mysterious name for iPhone X is a nifty reference to Apple's marking of 10 years since the handset was officially launched in 2007. Although iPhone X is accompanied by iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the X model has been the recipient of much more attention, speculation, and excitement as it was anticipated that iPhone X would be much more expensive than iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and contain hardware features more evolved than its accompanying partners.

The newest phone offers a cleaner design than its iPhone 7 predecessor, with a more curved screen and OLED display. An OLED display is probably one of the best features of iPhone X, as its visual benefits and impact on human vision tend to be less jarring.

According to the president of DisplayMate Technologies, Raymond Soneira, OLED light is great because it provides "better color accuracy, image contrast accuracy, and screen uniformity, in addition to incredibly flexible display power management since only the active image sub-pixels draw power based on their individual brightness levels." In other words, iPhone X has its visuals optimized for its users.

On the price front, buying the phone will cost you $999. But the price of the iPhone X seems to be commensurate with its highly enhanced six-core processor and its new design, which offers notably smaller bezels. This means that the iPhone X screen can be wider and contain more visuals. Think of all the videos that would look better on a bigger yet manageable screen that runs more pixels in length and width.

Those interested in photography may be glad to learn that iPhone X's lenses offer even better photographs due to the phone's enhanced camera tweaks, including a rear camera with lenses that are apparently vertically positioned instead of the conventional horizontal placement. In simple words, you can expect to take great photos with minimal effort. And hopefully, no filters.

For those who are getting into the future of augmented reality in our increasingly virtual world, iPhone X also seems to be their best bet as the phone offers a front camera able to manipulate visual data from photos and video for augmented reality programs. This is all thanks to the phone's three-dimensional sensors. Plus, the anniversary-marking phone can be used for facial recognition in order to authenticate access into the phone.

Oh, and there will be "animoji" included in the software for the iPhone X. Animoji are emojis that are animated by mimicking the facial expressions of whoever is using the phone.


It is pretty clear that designers at Apple had their fingers on the pulse of today's consumer while designing the latest products. Today's smartphone user seems to have a voracious appetite for technology and tweaks in gadgets but also a keen and justified desire to remain virtually safe from frequent breaches of privacy and other cyber attacks. The internal features of iPhone X seem to be cognizant of that consumer desire.

Software-wise, iPhone X will run on iOS 11, which is purportedly set to offer an enhanced control center and possibly a more efficient and language-friendly Siri among other improvements. But there is some bad news for those itching to get their hands on the latest Apple iPhone. The phone won't be available for preorder until Oct. 27 and is available Nov. 3. Good luck with the waiting and inevitable long lines.