What's On Rachel Bloom's Nails At The Globes?

Nail art is something that's been appearing on red carpets more and more in the past few years, but it's fair to say that Rachel Bloom's 2017 Golden Globes manicure may have taken the trend to a new level — and in the best possible way. Seriously. The actress, nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for her role in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, decided to "take the cast of the show" with her to the Globes this year... in the form of individualized illustrations on her nails. I mean, every actor and actress says they care about the rest of their cast, but I think Bloom has everyone beat on this one.

Oh, and the rest of her cast seemed to appreciate the shoutout as well, with people like her co-star Gabriella Ruiz summing up the special Globes appearance in one tweet pretty darn well. Personally, what Bloom's manicure is teaching me right now is that every other nominee better step up their game on the red carpet and fast. Perhaps this is the reason we all didn't know we needed to bring back the mani cam after all. Observe the animations in all their glory. Best Golden Globes manicure ever, am I right?

Epic does not begin to describe the masterpiece that is Bloom's manicure.

And, like I said, Ruiz agrees.

Next stop: a manicure featuring fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Too creepy? Yep. Thought so.