What's On Starbucks' New Mercato Lunch Menu?

by Kaitlyn Wylde

As you might have already heard, Starbucks is about to be your new favorite place to not only get coffee, but also a good meal. You're definitely going to want to know what's on the new Starbucks Mercato lunch menu, because its nothing like the things that Starbucks already offers.

The new menu consists of ready-to-go options just like some of Starbucks' other existing menu items, but it's totally premium. If Starbucks used to be just a stop on your lunchtime office break tour, it's definitely going to be the main event now. With hearty salads and sandwiches that rival restaurant meals, there won't be a need to look elsewhere for something healthy and luxe to eat.

And the best part about the new menu is that it caters to people with all different kinds of dietary restrictions. There's plenty to chose from if you're vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free. And while the menu has only become available in Chicago, Starbucks plans on expanding nationwide soon.

Now, on to what you really want to know: what's on the menu. Below, you'll find the current menu being sold through various stores in Chicago, but just let this give you an idea of the quality and creativity of the menu as it will change regularly from store to store and season to season:

Za’atar Chicken & Lemon Tahini Salad


Herbed chicken with Za’atar spice, ancient grains, chunky cucumber tzatziki, marinated carrots, chopped romaine, and lemon tahini dressing.

Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad


Chopped parsley, mint, cucumber, tomato, and riced cauliflower with fresh lemon juice on arugula.

Seared Steak & Mango Salad


Seared flank steak, minted mango, pickled onion, cucumbers, carrot slaw over rice noodles, and chopped peanuts served over romaine lettuce with red curry vinaigrette.

Herbed Chicken & Fig Spread Sandwich


Herbed chicken breast with a flavorful fig spread and arugula, made complete with whole grain mustard ricotta on Ficelle bread.

Smoked Pork Cubano Sandwich


Smoked pork loin, pulled pork, swiss cheese, jalapeno whole grain dijonaise, and dill pickle on flatbread.

Crunchy Almond Butter, Strawberries & Jam Sandwich


Chunky almond butter, strawberry jam and fresh strawberry slices on Bavarian wheat bread.

And, if you were just getting used to the new spring menu items, don't fret, these tasty meals are still available:

Gluten-Free Smoked Canadian Bacon Breakfast Sandwich


This breakfast sandwich features cherrywood-smoked Canadian bacon, a peppered egg patty and reduced-fat white cheddar cheese on a gluten-free roll.

Sprouted Grain Bagel


This wholesome vegan bagel is topped with whole grain oats, brown and golden flax, sunflower seeds and wheat.

Starbucks Organic Avocado Spread


Made with fresh, organic Hass avocados, sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper and lime juice.

Images: Starbucks