This Is The Dog Breed That’s Perfect For You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

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If you're looking to add a furry, four-legged friend to your life, you'll want to make sure your dog is compatible with your personality. This is why selecting the best dog breed based on your Myers-Briggs type can help ensure it's a love match. If you're not a current pet parent, it's important to know that all dog breeds have different personalities and energy levels.

I know the importance of this firsthand: My first dog was a German shepherd, the most loyal and faithful of all dogs. His name was Lucas, and he was content to do whatever I wanted to do — his only requirement for happiness, aside from food, water, and love, was that he was not left out.

After Lucas passed away I adopted a beagle mix rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico named BiBi, who could not be more different to Lucas. Beagles need constant stimulation and desire a job, and if they don't have one they'll create one for themselves. In BiBi's case, she's appointed herself as the protector of our home against the mailman, plastic bags, shopping carts, and anything else she sees as a threat. She also bosses all of the other pets — two cats and another dog — around. It's safe to say that a personality like BiBi's is not for everyone (though she is truly the sweetest), which is why it's important to make sure you and your pup are compatible. If you want to make sure you select the right dog for you, these are the best dog breeds based on your Myers-Briggs type.

ISTJs & German Shepherds Are Soulmates

Because ISTJs are quiet, practical, and value loyalty, German shepherds are a good choice for this MBTI because they are both highly intelligent and dependable. You won't find a more loyal fur friend than a GSD whose main concern is making you happy.

ISFJs & Newfoundlands Are BFFs

I lived with a Newfoundland for a few years, and these gentle giants are a perfect fit for ISFJs because their commitment to unconditional love and loyalty aligns with this MBTIs key qualities. Originally bred as working dogs, newfies love a good romp at the dog park or a day playing fetch at the beach. However, they're also content just chilling with their humans at home.

INFJs Meet Their Match With French Bulldogs

Because INFJs are curious and love to find out what makes people tick, French Bulldogs, like the late Carrie Fisher's pup Gary, make perfect companions for this inquisitive MBTI. This intuitive breed loves to explore alongside their humans, and they make a perfect partner in crime for any INFJ.

INTJs Will Find A Buddy In Border Collies

Known as one of the smartest dog breeds in the world, the border collie is an ideal companion for the intellectual INJT. Both the INJT and their border collie buddy are committed to seeing a job through to completion, and nothing will stop dog nor human from achieving their goals.

ISTPs Pair Well With Poodles

Don't let the poodle's princess looks fool you. This dog is one of the most flexible and adaptable dogs out there. Named of the 14 breeds most likely to survive the apocalypse by Bark Post, poodles pair perfectly with ISTPs. This MBTI and its poodle counterpart are both able to quickly wade through problems to find workable solutions, which means they are likely to be the last two beings standing after the world implodes.

ISFPs Seek Sensitive Labradors

For the sensitive and thoughtful ISFP, the equally sensitive labrador is an ideal companion. "Labradors were bred to be sensitive and gentle around people, and it is in their blood to love unconditionally," Dog Notebook explained on its website. With a lab in their corner, the ISFP will always feel loved and supported.

INFPs & Pit Bulls Are A Love Match

While they generally get a bad rap, Pit Bull are actually the most sensitive dog breed, according to the Dog Notebook. Like INFPs, pit bulls are adaptable, flexible, and accepting unless a value is threatened, and then they will defend their owners. Pitties put their human's needs and desires above all else, which makes an INFP feel loved and valued.

INTPs Go Great With Greyhounds

For INTPs, who value ideas over social interaction, the introverted greyhound is a perfect pairing. Quiet, and willing to lazy around all day, greyhounds love nothing more than to sit at their human's feet. This means an INTP can get lost in their own head and their greyhound won't feel slighted in the least.

ESTPs Go Best With Beagles

Like ESTPs, beagles live for the moment, and they're always up for adventure. Because ESTPs are also tolerant and patient, they won't get frustrated with their vocal and stubborn beagle. And, both beagles and ESTPs learn best through doing, making these two an ideal pair that can happily spending their days exploring the world. When at rest, beagles (like ESTPs) love a good snuggle in luxury sheets and blankets.

ESFPs Bond With Boston Terriers

Outgoing, friendly people who are willing to go with the flow, ESFPs will form strong bonds with Boston terriers, which is basically the dog version of this MBTI. Equal parts cute and adventurous, Boston terries always get a lot of attention, just like ESFPs. They're up for anything their human suggests, making this a match made in heaven.

ENFPs Get On With Golden Retrievers

ENFPs need a lot of love and external validation, making the golden retriever the best breed for this super social MBTI. Named one of the most affectionate dog breeds by Bark Post, goldens will satisfy an ENFP's need for companionship while also getting them a lot of attention when they venture out with their adorable and social canine companion.

ENTPs Always Love Australian Shepherds

If there is a problem, an Australian shepherd will solve it, much like its ENTP-human counterpart. Herding dogs by nature, this Aussie breed is good at reading people, easy to train, loyal to its human, and always wants a job. Any partnership between an ENTP and an Australian shepherd is likely to be a success due to both dog and human seeking the same things in life.

ESTJs Are Wild For Rottweilers

While they tend to have a reputation for being intimidating, rottweilers are actually very loyal and loving to their humans. And, their keen perception, courage, and stoic nature makes them an ideal dog for ESTJs. This MBTI is practical, logical, and forceful when they have an idea they want to implement, just like their canine counterparts.

ESFJs Are Crazy For Corgis

Loyal, determined, and seeking affection, ESFJs will find their canine twin flame in corgis. Bold, friendly, and the ultimate extrovert, corgis will meet an ESFJs physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs. They're also super cute and Instagram worthy.

ENFJs & French Mastiffs Make Great Friends

One of the most sensitive dog breeds, the French mastiff pairs well with an ENFJs qualities of empathy and warmth. This MBTI and dog breed are both highly attuned to the emotions of others. Loyal and loving, ENFJs and French mastiffs both make great leaders, though the dog will happily allow it's human to be in charge.

ENTJs Play Well With Papillons

Don't let the size of the papillon fool you. Much like the ENJT, the papillon is a force to be reckoned with. One of the smartest dog breeds in the world, the papillon can easily keep up with the forceful ENTJ. This dog will also fiercely protect its human, but can also be super social when the situation calls for it.

If you're ready to add one of these furry friends to your squad, make sure you do your research to make sure you are compatible with your new canine companion. And, consider adopting from a local shelter because there's truly nothing more rewarding than the bond formed between a human and a rescued pet.