Kat Von D's New ELL Shades Could Be Coming Soon

by Rachel Nussbaum

In case Sephora Collection's 27 new shades of Cream Lip Stain weren't enough to fill the liquid lipstick hole in your heart (same), so many more are in the pipeline. Kat Von D is following the move with a whopping 25 new colors of their Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. The brand released some integral information re:the launch today, including swatches and all-important launch information. The question on everyone's lips: When are Kat Von D's new Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks coming out? They should start rolling out soon.

In a video of the new shades posted on Kat Von D's personal account today, she wrote that the brand is forgoing a massive drop in favor of different launch dates, ranging from as early as next week (!), to February, to the spring. Yup, KVD confirmed that six new nudes — Muñeca, Ophelia, Ludwig, Sanctuary, Hawkwind, and Crucifix — will be joining the ELL family, possibly as early as next week. Whether they'll unseat Lolita and Lolita II as the most beloved nudes in the land, TBD.

Next up are shades Plath and Roxy, a deep russet red and grape previewed in Kat Von D's Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set that'll be launching in full size in February. Likewise, the pinky nude Lovecraft, previously only in the Everlasting Obsession Liquid Lipstick Collector’s Edition, will be available for purchase individually in the spring.

On top of those timelines, Von D also teased the dateless "Gold Skool," a metallic, long-wear topcoat that'll eventually be launching for the brand's 10th anniversary, and XO, an oxblood whose mini is currently in the Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together Cheek & Lip Makeup Bag Set. A little tension with XO: Von D says "if you guys love it, I'll make sure to bring it back in full size form!" so it could be on us, and us alone, to keep this red around.

Those are all the firm launches Von D's given us at the moment, but she mentioned that the brand's official handle is on top of all info for dates and swatches, so to keep an eye on it (...already there).

If the brand's current nudes are anything to go by, the world's heart-tube figuration is about to grow a few sizes bigger.

Images: thekatvond/Instagram (1); katvondbeauty/Instagram (2)