Ouai Is Entering The Hair Supplement Game

by Rachel Nussbaum

If you've had eyes on the beauty market, it's obvious that one category (other than highlighters, that is) is heading into some action. Ingestibles and supplements are the up and coming way to glow and grow from the inside out, whether your goal is clear skin or long, shiny Pantene commercial-worthy hair. On the former, HUM, Perricone MD, and Murad have options in the game. On the latter, get ready for some exciting news: Ouai — of the chic-est, best-smelling hair products in the land — is here to tackle your strands' specific concerns.

Announced on Instagram Live via Huda Beauty's account (because there's nothing like a meeting of the beauty minds à la Justice League), Ouai's founder, Jen Atkin, and partner Dr. Dr. Lamees Hamdan joined Kattan to debut Ouai's hair supplements and discuss release dates. The date in question? Apr. 7. The supplements themselves sound pretty dang cool — as Allure reports, Atkin and Hamdan nixed the "one size only" approach to develop three unique formulas for people with dry, oily, or thinning hair.

Delving into ingredients, the dry hair supplements rely on silica, Vitamin E and omega 3, while oily hair gets a dose with green tea extract to balance oily glands.

Star player ashwagandha extract comes through in the thinning formula, an Ayurvedic herb that's excellent at reducing stress levels — an interesting tactic that's also included in hair loss supplements like Nutrafol. If your hair starts to shed after big exam or high-tension sitch, this could be worth a try.

Niacin also pops up, a familiar face to anyone who's dabbled in biotin or drugstore hair loss supplements.

There's no word on pricing yet, so head to Ouai's website to stay tuned for deets. Between these and Goop's new supplements, though, who knew vitamins could be so chic.