When Are Quay Capricorn Sunglasses Coming Out? These Oversized Shades Are On The Way

Winter may have just arrived, but that doesn't mean you should nix or neglect sunglasses because it's cold out. In fact, I think sunnies are just as critical in winter as they are in summer. They still protect your eyes and surrounding skin from the potent sun, regardless of season. Trendy, affordable sunglasses brand Quay launches new frames with incredible frequency, ensuring that fans and customers always rock new silhouettes that slay. The brand's Capricorn frames are oversized, with a retro '70s vibe and mirrored, pink x purple lenses. I think I just fell in love. When are the Quay Capricorn shades available to purchase?

Patience, sunnies lovers and shades addicts! According to a post on the official Quay IG, the Capricorn frames will be available to purchase online soon. Quay, which is pronounced like "key," didn't confirm the exact launch date. But you can expect them to drop sooner than later since influencers are already posting pics while rocking this silhouette. In my experience, the brand has been pretty good at following up social media teases with actual product to buy in timely fashion.

Let's take a closer look at the Capricorns by Quay. They are super fab and since most Quay shades cost around $50 or so, the brand makes it easy to build a substantial sunnies wardrobe.


That's the Capricorn frame at the top.

Here is the screen grab of the caption of the Insta post, confirming that fans can nab the Capricorns soon. You can totally build a killer, slay all day shades wardrobe in 2017 with help from Quay. Their frames are oversized, affordable, durable, and always on trend. I have six or seven pairs myself and can vouch.

If you don't love the Capricorn shape, the Paradisos are sweet AF.

So many styles and shades to shop. Sunnies are always acceptable and are essential during the bitter winter months.

Images: Quay/Instagram (2)