Here's When To Shop ColourPop's Pressed Pigments

by Kali Borovic
ColourPop Cosmetics

It looks like 2017 is going to be yet another amazing year for this brand. In case you missed the social media announcement, ColourPop is launching pressed powders. The brand is always coming out with different shades, but this time is a completely new formula. When are ColourPop's Pressed Powders coming out, you ask? The exact date and time is here, so get those wallets ready.

If there's one thing I love more than everything that ColourPop creates, it's that they don't make their fans wait forever to get their hands on their launches. Although, according to Snapchat, the brand has been working on the pressed pigments for a while now, the company waited until they had all the details to make the announcement. Because, let's be honest, we're better off not knowing until the time is right.

According to Snapchat, ColourPop Pressed Powders will be available on Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. ET on their website.

How exciting is that! They have yet to show any swatches, but they give a few hints about what to expect on social media. Apparently, the pigmentation is insane and they feel like silk when you touch them. Bottom line: you're going to love them so start saving up now.

ColourPopCo Snapchat

What exactly will you be waiting for? I hope you're sitting down, because this is major news. Not only will there be 20 (!!!) shades at the original launch, but there will be two palettes as well. The brand's Snapchat story said that the palettes will be interchangeable, so you can swap out whichever colors you'd like.

ColourPopCo Snapchat

That's not all either. You'll be able to snag one of the empty palettes for free when you buy four pressed pigments. Because it just wouldn't be ColourPop without a promo to go along with the incredible news. They also announced that all the pressed pigments shades are vegan, so animals lovers can get in on the fun too.

Of curse, this isn't the fist eye product that ColourPop has created. They have potted colors already available on the website. According to the sneak peek photo, the new formula looks like they might come in pans instead. Both the original and pressed formulas are only $5 though. According to the brand's Snapchat, it was important to keep the price affordable, so people could try as many colors as they'd like.

ColourPopCo Snapchat

You'll also have the opportunity to buy two fixed palettes during the initial launch. Basically, you should set an alarm for Jan. 13 at 1 p.m. ET, because you won't want to miss this amazing launch.