Ulta’s Now Offering Customizable Palette Options

by Augusta Statz

Palettes are great because they allow you to carry your favorite shades around wherever you go, in one convenient package. But, when you can customize for peak personalization, that’s when these beauty items reach perfection. When are Ulta’s customizable palettes coming out? Get ready to choose the colors that suit you very soon!

According to the retailer’s Instagram, they’re launching customizable eye shadow palettes. So, you know what that means! You can finally have a shadow range where each and every shade gets used. Because you know there’s always that one color you never touch with your brush in those pre-arranged color palettes. Being able to choose the hues for yourself opens up a whole new world of makeup opportunities. According to the post, you can expect to shop these fill-able items in stores on Feb. 9, but they're already available to shop online. Does Ulta know the way to your heart or what?

It seems as though you’ll have different versions to choose from, too. Online, there's a version that holds four pressed powder shadows as well as one that has room for eight different colors, a slot for holding a brush and a mirror. So, when Ulta says they’re giving you options — they really mean it. And you’ve really got to love them for that!

Use, refill, and create a look that works best for you!


Be sure to head to your nearest Ulta Beauty store on Feb. 9 to choose your fav colors in-person.

You may not need any new palettes, but how could you turn down the chance to design your own?

Make room in your makeup drawer for yet another eye shadow collection!

With the option to customize, your Ulta trips are about to take much longer than anticipated, but hey, that's a small price to pay for personalized beauty.

Courtesy Ulta Beauty

8-Pan Customizable Palette, $12.50, Ulta Beauty

You can get the eight-pan version for just $12.50.

Courtesy Ulta Beauty

4-Pan Customizable Palette, $8, Ulta Beauty

According to the website, this version is online only. You can't beat an $8 palette!

screengrab/Ulta Beauty

The online customization process is just as fun as doing it IRL!

Whether you wait until Feb. 9 to buy this in person or head over to the Ulta Beauty website to customize your eye shadow now, there's no wrong way shop these options!