Wet N Wild's Heart-Shaped Highlights Are '90s AF

by Rachel Nussbaum

Heart fever is upon us, and as much as that sounds like a horrible disease, nope! It means Valentine's Day is approaching. There's a whole four days to go, so grab your teddy bears and non-anatomically correct heart paraphernalia, it's lovin' time. Brands are hitting it out of the ballpark with their holiday-themed collections (read: all of the reds, pinks, and the odd purple), but Wet N Wild's non-Valentine spring goods are especially worth a snag. In a sea of releases, pay close attention to when you can get Wet N Wild's heart-shaped MegaGlo Highlighting Powders.

Remember the Limited Edition MegaGlo Highlighting Powders that sold out everywhere last summer? The product is back in action, and better than ever. These aren't any old highlighters: While the brand's normal MegaGlos are silky smooth glow-makers, their new spring collection is a sight to behold. The brand tapped into the holographic trend gripping the nation, and paired the violet blue hue with a frosty, pale pink counterpart. Think Cover FX's "Halo" and "Blossom" Enhancer Drops, in powder form. Both of the finely milled powders have a heart-shaped core of lighter powder, a Sailor Moon-style twist I love — and that serves a double purpose, letting you customize your shade daily. Look for it at mass retailers and Wet N Wild's website come March.

wet n wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powders in Lilac to Reality

That sheen! It's like a satin prom dress circa the early aughts, in the best possible way. Put it on my cheeks immediately.

The Sweetest Bling especially is a dead ringer for the frosty pink highlighters coming at us recently.

wet n wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powders in The Sweetest Bling

In a wonderful twist, the entire spring collection will be priced from $2.99 to $5.99, so they're also very attainable, in case holographic highlighter isn't something you want to spend a rent percentage on. The brand hasn't released where in the $3 dollar range the Highlighting Powders will fall, but the brand's standard MegaGlo is $4.99, so probably in that vicinity.

The brand is doing big things for spring, and judging by this unicorn powder, they'll be up there in magical.

Images: Courtesy of Brands