Beautyblender Is Launching A TOTALLY New Tool To Apply Your Makeup With

Courtesy of beautyblender

Beautyblender's hot pink, egg-shaped sponge is a beloved beauty tool. When dampened, it blends and buffs foundation and liquid or cream products to an airbrushed-like sheen. There are many sizes and shades — and plenty of imitators constructed with different materials. The brand has expanded its repertoire of applicators with the beautyblender Power Pocket Puff. It's an update on the standard powder puff that often comes packaged with your favorite powder compact.

Your grandmother's favorite old school makeup application sponge just got a modern makeover. It's the Powder Puff 2.0 — and it's cute, effective, and millennial-friendly.

The sponge is a multi-tasker and helps the user apply makeup beautifully. The signature teardrop shape trumps the usual round one since it allows you to maneuver in that hard-to-reach real estate on your face, such as around the nose. You can use it to contour and achieve sculpted cheeks!

It also avails itself of other tasks and techniques.

The plush pink side is all about that makeup sorcery and features fibers that will grab and deposit the perfect amount of powder that can be buffed and dispersed. You can also use it for setting and baking. The buffed and suede tan side will re-blend makeup for a smooth, soft, and even finish.

Courtesy of beautyblender

There's also the branded strip over the back that creates a "pocket" that you can slide over fingers. That mechanism allows for a precision grip so you can contour to your heart's content with the rounded tip.

Courtesy of beautyblender

Another benefit of this hot pink-trimmed puff? You can rest your hands on it while applying makeup prevent that dreaded smudging.

It's seriously a "do all" tool.

The Power Pocket Puff has so many of the visual hallmarks of the beautyblender — from the egg shape to the hot pink trim.

Your new makeup BFF is only $15 and it's available via the beautyblender site at the moment. So if you want to add to your beautyblender arsenal, you can!

Courtesy of beautyblender

Additionally, TrendMood, which is everyone's favorite makeup news Instagram account, reports that this mini makeup miracle is coming to Sephora via this post. TrendMood also reports that the date is TBD. Bustle reached out to beautyblender reps for additional info, who confirmed the product will eventually be available at Sephora.

It will serve as an excellent finishing tool that closes out your morning makeup routine. It's not meant to replace your trusty and squishy beautyblender. It's meant to work in concert with it, to enhance your overall visage, and to make the most of your products. Your makeup sponges, brushes, and now your puffs are a team. They are also greater than the sum of their parts.

If you have always tossed or never bothered to make use of those circular puffs that come packaged with your powder products, this innovation could very well inspire you to start.

It also might encourage creative and forward-thinking beauty bloggers and influencers to repurpose and trim their round ones for more effective usage! That could lead to a new, Instagrammable hack.

Bring on the puff!