Give Me Glow's XXL Pro Custom Palette Is A Makeup Lover's Dream

by Kali Borovic

If you're looking for an empty palette to hold every single eyeshadow pan you have in your collection, look no further. Give Me Glow Cosmetics created a 48-pan eyeshadow palette. Yes, you read that right. Basically, it's the biggest magnetic holder you've ever seen. When can you buy Give Me Glow Cosmetics's XXL Pro Custom Palette, you ask? Here's everything you need to know about the big launch.

Even when I try to organize my single shadows, it seems like one empty palette just isn't enough. Well, no matter how many shadows you have, Give Me Glow's XXL Pro Custom Palette is pretty much guaranteed to hold them all. Although the brand already has a 20-shade empty palette, they're upping the ante a bit. Their XXL palette more than doubles the space of their previous shadow holder. As Allure figured out, the XXL Pro Custom palette holds up to 88 26mm pans, like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Singles, or 48 37mm ones, like Kat Von D's Metal Crush Eye Shadow.

As of Mar. 18 at 2 p.m. ET, there's no exact launch date yet. There is some good news though. According to the brand's Instagram post, this palette is currently in production, which means that it's coming to their online shop sometime very soon.

They weren't joking when they named it XXL. Of course, you don't have to just stick to shadows though. This could easily hold blushes and highlighters as well. Imagine your entire makeup collection being in one palette. That's a makeup lovers' dream.

There also isn't a price just yet. Give Me Glow's smaller empty palette sells for $15, so I'm willing to bet that this one will be at least $30. Bustle reached out to the company figure out all the exact details. According to their Instagram account, they're also launching a peach collection sometime soon too.

If you don't know about this brand, I guarantee you will soon. There's tons of other lip and eye products on the Give Me Glow site, if you're looking to acquaint yourself with the company before the big launch.