These Are All The Kat Von D Sanctuary Lippie Deets

Are you seeking Sanctuary? Kat Von D's new Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades are being launched in staggered fashion with their dates and sales platforms. The brand's Everlasting Flash promo allows fans and Kat Von D-evotees to grab shades early. The pretty sepia-toned Sanctuary lippie dropped in advance on Jan. 5 via the Sephora site. Sanctuary was supposed to be available for 48 hours but it sold out on the quick. Don't boo, hiss, moan, complain, or get angry. While understandable, those reactions are unnecessary because the Everlasting Flash pre-sale wasn't the only chance to purchase this sexy neutral shade. When is the Kat Von D Sanctuary Everlasting Liquid Lipstick available to buy and where?

According to a post on the official Kat Von D Instagram, the Sanctuary liquid lippie is back on Tuesday, Jan. 24 via the Sephora site and via the Kat Von D Beauty site.

If you have a crazy busy life and need a digital alarm clock or a reminder nudge in addition to scheduling a calendar reminder in your mobile device, you can sign up to receive an email alert when Sanctuary is on stock and on sale at Sephora. You may as well go and do that now.

Check out Sanctuary below. It's such a gorgeous, deep neutral that will look good on just about everyone.

It's super unique, isn't it?

See, I told you there was absolutely no need to stress out over this! Sanctuary is back on Jan. 24 and at two locations. Reeeelllaaaaaxxxx!

Check out that serious pout pigmentation.

You know, Sanctuary could end up being one of KVD's most popular Everlasting shades. Her liquid lippies don't budge, but they're also creamy and don't dry out your pout, either. That's a terrific combo and is why the brand's fans love the product so much.

Images: Kat Von D/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Sephora (2)