When Can You Buy Puma x Polaroid Sneakers? These Kicks Celebrate The Pre-Selfie Era

The Puma x Fenty Creepers by Rihanna collection isn't the only kicks collab that shook the sneaker set to its core. The Puma x Polaroid sneaker collection is finally upon us and it's a gloriously retro counterpoint to the digital Instagram age. If you are a proud member of the selfie and camera phone generation, you might be scratching your head and asking, "WTF is a Polaroid camera?"

Well, in the pre-Instagram '80s and '90s, the Polaroid camera spit out instant images. It was the equivalent of an offline Instagram that produced actual pictures in real time. You didn't have to wait to develop the film!

Polaroids were legit fast and fun — just like digital cameras. But the Polaroids left you with a pretty, printed photo you could tack up on your wall.

Puma is harking back to the golden age of the Polaroid with this sneaker collection. Footwear News reports that the athleisure giant will drop two pairs with Polaroid detailing: the RS-0 ($130) and the RS-100 ($100). It's the true collision of fast fashion and fast photos.

The black and white kicks will boast rainbow elements that are a nod to the brand's logo. There is also a red insole that is an homage to the camera's shutter button. The shoes truly marry the present and the past.

These might be the most Instagrammable sneakers ever! How's that for a dose of irony?! Polaroid posted the news of the collab with this quick clip demonstrating how their old school cameras worked. It's so vintage. Or "classic." See how the camera pushed out the shot? It’s the IRL equivalent of hitting the share button in your Insta app.

The U.S. drop date is TBD, per Footwear News. But the shoes will drop via the Puma site and in European stores on Sept. 8. So if you must get your hands on —and feet in— these kicks on the quick, you can try to make a third party purchase. It might cost you some hefty shipping fees. But these snazzy sneakers certainly inspire that sort of desire.

Bustle reached out to Puma reps for further information on the domestic drop.

Polaroid Instagram

Here's a clever sneak peek at a pair of the shoes. It's so meta since the shoes are featured in a Polaroid picture — on the brand's Insta, of course. They have a bit of the super trendy "dad shoe" vibe, don't they?

Polaroids previously enjoyed a pop culture Renaissance in Outkast's smash hit "Hey Ya!" In the song, the duo states, "Shake it like a Polaroid picture!" That was another cool feature of these cameras. It would spit out the pic and you would shake it in order to hasten it coming into focus. That part was like putting a filter on your shots!


Now Polaroids are crushing fashion. Once the Puma x Polaroid sneakers actually arrive, they will very likely dominate the Insta OOTD landscape. Because why not! It makes complete and total shoe sense.