The e.l.f x Iris Beilin Lip Palette Arrives Soon

Beauty vloggers continue to be go-to collaborators for makeup brands. e.l.f. has partnered with Iris Beilin for the Mis Amores Lip Palette. Eyeshadow palettes and collabs, scoot over, because this lip set demands attention and its rightful place on the racks. The six pan palette features red, pink, and neutral lippies, a mirror, and a brush. It costs $16 and also comes with a hot pink, square-shaped clutch. Gotta love a two-fer. When can you purchase the e.l.f. x Iris Beilin lip palette?

It lands at e.l.f. stores on Saturday, Jan. 21 and exclusively online via the e.l.f. site on Tuesday, Jan. 24. So those are your two shopping options in the physical and online spaces.

e.l.f. is known for its insane bargain prices and on-trend products. This palette can let you test drive the ombre lip style and allows you to have multiple lipstick options at hand without taking up too much space in your makeup bag.

If you are not super familiar with Beilin, well, let's address and fix that. Beilin is a stunner with nearly 600,000 Instagram followers and whose beauty looks slay all day... and all night. Throw her a follow and soak up some makeup inspo. You won't regret it.

Also, I love that e.l.f. has been focusing on diversity with its blogger collabos.

Beilin is marveling at her creation in this Insta post and so are we. Don't you love the slim, chic, and sleek palette? It's so totable.

This caption confirms all the pertinent intel about this lippie set.

The clutch is the perfect shade of hot pink. It's like an early splash of spring color.

You mix and match or try a shade you don't normally rock on your pout, since it's already there in its own pan... read to be used.

Lip palettes are far too infrequent. This one looks like a winner.

Beilin is proud of her e.l.f. partnership, rightfully so.

It's a lovely pairing. The palette and clutch are limited edition, so don't delay once these drop.

Images: e.l.f. Cosmetics/Instagram (2); Iris Beilin/Instagram (1); Courtesy of e.l.f. (1)