The iluvsarahii x ColourPop Is Coming Soon

by Kali Borovic

Just days after launching their Sonya Esman Collection, ColourPop is at it again. The brand is teaming up with YouTuber Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, aka iluvsarahii, for yet another multiple product makeup collection. When can you buy the iluvsarahii x ColourPop collab, you ask? The date and time is here, so get your wallets ready, because this is one launch that you won't want to miss.

When ColourPop said that their birthday month was full of surprises, I figured there would be new products and sales. What I didn't expect was not one, but two collabs in the same week. Not to mention a slew of sales to go along with it. And the first month of May isn't even over yet. It's pretty darn incredible. The big announcement came via Instagram when the YouTuber posted a photo of a light pink and gold printed Pressed Powder Palette. Gonzalez also stated in the caption that more products are on the way as well.

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Although the Instagram announcement didn't say exactly what was in the entire collection, it did say when you can purchase it. The iluvsarahii x ColourPop collab will be available on May 24 at 1 p.m. ET on the brand's website. That's one heck of a way to end their birthday month, if you ask me.

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The recent Sonya Esman Collection has three different products in it. There's the Pressed Powder Palette, Mini On The Go Collection, and Super Shock Eye And Cheek Palette. If the iluvsarahii collab is the same, then there will be plenty more on the way. Fingers crossed that they announce the rest of the products soon, so people know what to save up for.

You might as well sign you May paycheck over to ColourPop, because they're not stopping any time soon. Although their products are extremely affordable, they're launching new items almost every single day. All of that adds up. The good news is that while all of ColourPop's collabs are limited edition, they normally stay in stock for a while.

Click Here To Shop The Iluvsarahii Colourpop Collection

You never know what ColourPop will do next. They promised that there would be fun things to come throughout the whole month, so keep those social media alerts on and mark your calendar for May 24.