See Urban Decay's Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid

The cheek glow trend isn't going anywhere in 2017, but it is getting a brand new look. According to Wende Zomnir's Instagram post, Urban Decay is coming out with liquid highlighters. These do way more than just add some shimmer to your face though. When can you buy Urban Decay's Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid, you ask? Get those wallets ready, because you don't have much longer to wait.

Everyone from Tarte to CoverFX has tried their hand at the highlighter formula, but Urban Decay is doing it in their own way. Instead of being in a dropper or stick, the Naked Skin Highlighter Fluid comes in a tube. According to Zomnir's caption, each one gives off a natural glow rather than a blinding shine. There are five different shades coming, and they look like they could be liquid versions of existing highlights, although the brand hasn't shown us swatches jut yet.

If you're as excited as I am about the launch, you'll be happy to know that you don't have much longer to wait. For 48 hours only on Feb. 26 and 17, the Naked Skin Highlighter Fluids will be available on the Sephora app. There's no word on the official launch date is just yet, so you'll definitely want to snag them while you can.

As of right now, there are only a select few highlighters available from Urban Decay, so this is pretty major. There are no swatches of the products just yet, but each color is incredible. The line ranges from pale pink to an unconventional blue-ish green shade.

The packaging looks similar to the rest of their Naked Skin line. I'm willing to bet that they have the same applicators as well. According to Zomnir's Instagram post, these highlighting fluids illuminating, blurring, and weightless. If all that is true, then this product is unlike any highlighter I've seen before.

I don't know about you, but I'll be setting my alarm for the big launch. After all, you can never have enough highlighters.