When 'Crashing' Season 2 Premieres, Pete Should Stay With These Famous Comedians

Macall B. Polay/HBO

I've really enjoyed HBO's Sunday night lineup of Big Little Lies, Girls, and Crashing — which airs its season finale on April 9 — and I'm sad that Girls is ending for good, while the future of Big Little Lies remains unclear. But good news: Crashing was renewed for Season 2 last month, according to Entertainment Weekly. So when is Crashing Season 2? The show's new episodes could premiere next spring — that is, if the series follows the pattern set by other HBO comedies, like Girls, which has had a year between each season.

Crashing follows comedian Pete (played by Pete Holmes) as he navigates the NYC stand-up comedy world as an amateur comic after he catches his wife Jess (Lauren Lapkus) cheating on him. Without a home, Pete crashes on the couches of big names like Sarah Silverman and Artie Lang — and obtains advice along the way. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Crashing is inspired by Holmes' real-life experiences as a comedian, who has appeared on Conan and Best Week Ever, as well as hosting the short-lived Midnight Show with Pete Holmes on TBS. Holmes also hosts the popular podcast You Made It Weird on Nerdist.

Holmes is a big name in the stand-up world, but his Crashing character Pete is just getting started and he'll probably be gracing the couches of more big names in Season 2. I'm hoping Pete gets to slumber on these comedians' sofas.

1. Amy Schumer

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Schumer has had a hit TV show, a hit movie, and several sold-out comedy tours. I can only imagine that she'd have a lot to teach Pete about stand-up — and women.

2. Aziz Ansari

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Ansari has his own hit Netflix show Master of None, but I think it would be fun to see him lend Pete a few couch cushions.

3. Dave Chappelle

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After a long absence, Chappelle has returned with two comedy specials on Netflix and continues to perform stand-up. I think it would be fun to see Pete interact with the refreshingly honest longtime comedian.

4. Chelsea Peretti

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The Brooklyn Nine Nine actor and stand-up comedian could give Pete a few pointers about how to keep his audiences laughing.

5. Ali Wong

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Wong is not only a stand-up comic, but a writer for ABC's Fresh Off the Boat. Perhaps she could inspire Pete to get into sitcom writing.

6. Louis C.K.

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Not only is Louis C.K. one of the most enduring comedians out there, but his FX show Louie is quite similar in tone to Crashing. Maybe Louie and his daughters could host Pete for a few nights for an epic crossover event.

No matter what, the second season of Crashing will make viewers laugh along with Pete as tries to make it in NYC.