'Degrassi: Next Class' Will Have An Intense Season


It's a brand new year and school is back in session on Degrassi: Next Class, which drops its third season on Netflix on Jan. 6. But once you've marathoned all the melodrama and heartbreak Degrassi Community School has to offer, you'll be wondering when Degrassi: Next Class Season 4 will premiere. Luckily, Degrassi: Next Class has already been renewed for its fourth season, according to Entertainment Weekly, and the next installment of the venerable teen soap could be here as soon as Summer 2017.

Usually, Netflix viewers can count on about a year between seasons of their favorite shows, which has been the case with series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. But Degrassi: Next Class has followed a different pattern with about a six-month wait between seasons. For instance, Season 1 premiered in January 2016 and was followed by Season 2, bowing in July 2016, and now Season 3 set to premiere on Friday. If this pattern continues, Season 4 should hit Netflix, it's very likely that the show will debut Season 4 around June or July of this year.

The wait between the second season and Friday's Season 3 premiere has been especially tough for fans, because of the mega-cliffhanger in the Season 2 finale left the lives of several Degrassi favorites in the balance. To refresh your memory, Season 2 ended with the horrible news that the Degrassi fan bus headed to the big volleyball game had overturned in a serious crash. Find out who was on board — and the possible clues to their fate below.



Caught in a love triangle, Tiny decided to finally board the bus to support would-be girlfriend Shay, who won't date him until her best friend Lola (his ex-girlfriend) approves. It would break Shay's heart if she lost Tiny before they could even have the relationship they've both wanted for a long time. Plus, Shay just had an extremely eye-opening Season 2 in terms of learning about race relations at school and losing a shot at participating at an all-star volleyball camp.

She deserves some happiness in Season 3 — and Shay just might get it, since Tiny appears in a Season 3 promo photo (above).



For awhile, everything seemed to be coming together for Grace in Season 2: She became good friends with Zig, her cystic fibrosis was under control, and she even had an unlikely bond with Zoe. But in true Degrassi fashion, it didn't last long —Grace got rejected romantically by Zig, she had a cystic fibrosis-related emergency at a party, and, well, Zoe was Zoe.

But don't worry, Grace seems to appear in a promotional photo for Season 3 (above), so she might be safe — unless the image is from a flashback.


Out of all the characters, Tristan truly flourished in Season 2. He led the student council as president and he pursued a relationship with his longtime crush Miles.

It sounds like Tristan did survive the crash, according to a Degrassi: Next Class preview clip on E! News, but it seems that Zoe has taken over his student council post for reasons currently unknown.



As Degrassi fans know, Maya will do anything to make her dreams of a music career come true. So in Season 2, she works with Degrassi alums Peter and Sav at a record company and eventually takes the mature route when Vijay covers her song. She doesn't appear in any of the promo photos from Netflix, so Maya's fate really could go either way.


In Season 2, he realized his passion for modern dance with Esmee. Seriously. Zig also rejects Grace after they developed a sweet friendship, but only because he had developing feelings for Esmee. It's possible that Zig could be modern dancing into the afterlife — or he could've suffered an injury that has him sidelining that new passion.


The character spent most of the second season tied to girlfriend Frankie. He supported her through the prank war with a rival volleyball team and the racial tension that resulted from it. Jonah also made sure her plan to run away from her problems didn't work out. He appears in the previous Season 3 promo photo with Grace, so it's possible that he did survive — and he may have more to do in the third season.

No matter who survives, Degrassi: Next Class is sure to bring more drama in Season 3 and beyond.