Here's How Benoit & Clare Got Back Together After 'Bachelor Winter Games'

ABC/Paul Hebert

Bachelor Winter Games pulled a fast one on fans. While Canadian cast member Benoit may have left in a flurry of tears and misunderstanding after professing his love for Clare, the connection that formed early on in the series ended up being one of the most lasting. The conflicted woman choosing the nice guy with glasses over the bad boy with jacuzzi issues is just like a romantic comedy. When did Clare and Benoit get together after Bachelor Winter Games? This relationship, which shockingly seems to have developed off-camera, raises a lot of questions.

"You left Winter Games without finding love," Chris Harrison said in World Tells All. "But you are in love. What a fantastic and beautiful surprise. The timing was a little off for television, but that's OK."

Then, Clare told her tale. "The second I got back to Sacramento, I checked my phone and I had a message from a guy. The timing was off but it was so perfect for me because it was a man that just cared about if I was OK." After some classic Bachelor razzle dazzle, Benoit was revealed as that mystery man.

"When she came back home," Benoit said. "I had to talk to her. I had to see if she was OK." They starting talking, and talking, and talking, and ultimately started seeing one another as well secretly... until now.

In fact, the two are engaged now, which is fast even by dating show standards. That ring was for Clare, not Lesley after all! Guess those kitchen kisses (and all the subsequent smooches) were pretty serious business after all. We learn in the tell all episode that the two reconnected after the series ended and tried another go at a romantic relationship. This time, it worked out.

Was this Instagram a clue? It's a maple leaf (Canada) with a heart (duh) and the caption says "our" hike. Clare posted this Nov. 1 2017, so probably not. According to Boston.com Winter Games filmed in November and December of last year. Still, it's a pretty wild coincidence.

Based on that timeline, and the fact that Benoit reached out as soon as filming was over, their relationship likely began over the December holidays. How very Love Actually of them.

On the show, Benoit quickly committed his romantic intentions to Clare, but Clare wanted to weigh her options early on in the series. He knew what he wanted. Benoit decided to pack his bags, leaving Clare to pursue a disastrous relationship with Christian. There was a lot of jealousy involved, a lot of blame thrown at Clare, a lot of conflict regarding the quantity and definition of kisses, and a lot more blame thrown in Clare's direction. (So much blame.)

Neither experience was particularly pleasant, so it's good to see that Clare found happiness at the end of this whirlwind.

Both of their social media accounts became happy and hopeful in December and January. On Dec. 19 2017, Benoit shared this caption on a photo taken from a plane that may be one of the bigger clues.

"Ce qu’il y a de bien avec les couchers de soleil," it reads. "C’est qu’ils nous rappellent que même les plus merdiques journées peuvent se terminer en beauté." Roughly translated, that means "the good thing about sunsets is that they remind us that even the crappiest days can end in beauty."

Coming as a complete surprise, this may not be the relationship you were hoping for on Bachelor Winter Games, but it sure made for a romantic moment! The others in the cast are happy for them, and that's probably one of the best signs. He got a standing ovation! Christian who, honestly? It's all about Clare and Benoit.